Felt Apple Craft

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This adorable DIY felt apple pencil topper is such a fun craft for kids and adults!

Apple DIY Pencil Topper

Wouldn’t this pencil topper make the cutest back to school themed craft? It’s also a great apple craft for late summer and early fall during apple picking season.

diy felt pencil topper apple

Make a bunch of apple pencil toppers for your child’s class, or for a cute teach gift. Older kids and teens can make their own felt pencil topper using the free pattern and easy instructions below.

super cute felt pencil topper craft

How to make a apple felt pencil topper

List of Supplies


Download and print out the apple pencil topper template sheet. Cut out all of the pattern pieces

Select red, green, white and brown colored felt fabrics for the felt apple pencil topper craft. You can also choose a green or even yellow felt for the apple to create a different look.

The template includes patterns for 2 different designs.

We’re making the sliced apple pencil topper in this tutorial. Use the directions below and the photo of the whole apple to create the second whole apple pencil topper after creating this sliced apple topper first.

Trace the apple patterns on the chosen felt fabrics and use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out the traced pieces.

Take the small white apple cutout and place seed cutouts near the center of the apple cutout.

Prepare a needle with thread that matches the seeds.

Stitch the seeds to the white apple cutout near the center, keeping the pointy ends of the seeds facing towards the center of the apple.

Take the white pattern and place it on one of the larger red apple cutouts. Prepare a needle with white thread.

Stitch the white apple piece to the red apple base by stitching all around the border of the white piece.

You can sew the apple pieces together using running stitches or blanket stitches, either one will work well for this craft.

Take the other red apple base cutout and place the leaf and stem cutout at the top of the apple, near the center. Overlap the stem and leaf with the apple piece slightly at the top.

Place the stitched apple pattern on the top of the plain one, keeping the stem and leaf between both apple layers.

Prepare a needle with red thread.

Stitch around the sides of the apples to connect them together. Make sure to leave an opening at the bottom of the apple for the pencil to slide in.

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