DIY Gifts Teens will Love to Make

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Looking for DIY gifts teens can make and gift? These 35+ handmade gift ideas for teens will give your teen gift ideas for all the people in their life.

You’ll find DIY gifts your teens will love to make for friends, family members and more! This list of DIY gifts for teens includes home decor, accessories, jewelry, personal care, games and more.

DIY Gifts Teens Can Make

Teens will love creating these DIY gifts! Teens are sure to find a craft they'd love to make for every person in their life. Choose a gift to craft, get crafting and end up with a fun, unique gift! Below your teen will find gifts for all types of categories including home decor, jewerly, accessories, games, and personal care.

Home and Decor

The following crafts are great choices for home and decor gifts. Teens will find trendy decor for their friend's rooms, giftable mugs, personalized magnets and more to craft as gifts


These beautiful, unique, and giftable jewerly crafts are perfect for gifting!

Fun and Games

These unique, personalized games are a gift that keeps on giving with the fun your recipient gets to have with the gift!


Craft these funky and trendy accessories to give your friends and family.

Personal Care

These DIY personal care gifts are perfect for so many people in your life- friends, mom, grandma, teachers, etc.

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