Superhero Activities for Preschoolers

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Are your preschoolers on a superhero kick these days? Keep your superhero loving preschoolers busy with these fun superhero activities for preschoolers.

Build with Superheros

Gather a stack of cardboard shipping boxes and help your preschooler build a superhero town for his or her favorite superhero figures. You can make tall buildings for spiderman to scale, buildings for Thor to knock down with his hammer, and more. You can get really creative with decorating the buildings with construction paper, old wrapping paper, and markers.

Or, build a superhero village using your child’s favorite building blocks top use with his superhero figures. Challenge your child to build Gotham City, New York City, or one from their own imagination.

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Legos are always popular with my preschoolers. Challege your preschooler to build a lego superhero house. Or get a lego superhero kit to make with your child.

Superhero Crafts

Kids love making superhero crafts. These 27 superhero crafts for preschoolers will have your kids creating all their favorite superheros.

Or buy a superhero craft kit for an easy and fun craft for your preschooler.

This superhero starter kit will allow your preschooler to make his or her own superhero name, superhero powers and a costume to go with it.

These superhero mosaic sticker art kits are another great craft kit choice for preschoolers.

Your child can stretch his creativity making a superhero face with this cute Superhero Make a Face Kit.

Superhero Activity Books

This DC Super Friends workbook will let your child practice his letters and numbers again and again with 50 wipe clean pages.

If your child prefers chalk, this resuable ABC Avengers chalkboard will have them practicing their letters with their favorite superhero.

Look and find books are great for preschoolers. What could be more fun for superhero fans than a superhero look and find book? Kids will love looking for their favorite superheros in fun colorful pages.

Preschoolers can celebrate both girl power and superheros with all kinds of fun activities with these Super Hero Girls activity books.

Superhero Role Play

This list couldn’t be complete without superhero costumes! All of my preschoolers have just loved dressing up as superheros. I have so many fond memories of a preschooler in a cape nearly around the clock at my house. The week after Halloween I always go buy new Superhero Halloween costumes for my kids to wear all year long. In fact, they are often nearly worn out by the next Halloween!

Encourage your child to put on his or her favorite superhero costume and put on a play for you.

If your child doesn’t already have a superhero costume, you can tie a piece of material around his neck for an instant cape.

Even more preschool superhero activity ideas:

Superhero Activities for Preschoolers

Your preschooler will love these fun Superhero activities! 11 awesome superhero activities that will have your preschoolers playing active games, getting creative, and even From games, to active play, and even learning with superhero themed educational printables.

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