Socially Distant Halloween Games and Activities

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Halloween is nearly here and many of us are still socially distancing as much as possible.

Whether you are looking for Socially Distant Halloween games and activities for a classroom, your church group, a party, or your neighborhood block party these ideas will help you plan fun Halloween games and activities to enjoy when social distancing.

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Socially Distant Halloween Games

Halloween Bingo

Use candy corn, plastic spiders, or Halloween stickers to mark the spots when playing Halloween Bingo.

You can buy a ready made Halloween Bingo Set, create your own homemade Halloween bingo boards, or print out this free Halloween Bingo set.

Guess How Many

Fill a Halloween cauldron with candy corn, or other Halloween candy (or you could use plastic spiders) and have guests write their guesses down on pieces of paper. The guest with the closest guess wins!

Freeze Dance

Make a Halloween song playlist and play freeze dance. Kids dance until the music stops. Anyone still moving after the music stops is out. Then start the music again, and repeat until only one guest is still dancing.

Halloween “Pin the”

There are so many great Halloween themed “Pin the” game options to choose from!

Make a spider web with tape on the wall and play “Pin the Spider on the Web”

or Draw a pumpkin and play “Pin the Face on the Jack-o-Lantern”

Or Make a witch and play “Pin the nose on the witch”

So many great options for this social distancing friendly game! You can make your own game or buy one from a party store.

Halloween Charades

Create a fun list of Halloween themed prompts, then print them out and cut out each prompt. Place the words in a bowl. Break up your guests into two teams, spacing the seating six feet apart to keep everyone safe. When it’s someone’s turn, let them draw a paper from the bowl and act out the words on the page in front of the group. When a member of the team guesses the word correctly, they get a point. The first team to make it to 20 points wins. 

Pumpkin Bowling

Make rolls of toilet paper look like ghosts by adding black eyes and mouth. Stack a tower of ghost toilet paper rolls (4 on the bottom, 3 on the next layer, then 2, and finally 1 on top). Then roll pumpkins at the ghosts to see who can knock over the most.

Halloween Corn Hole

Use tape to make your corn hole board look like a spider web, then have kids throw plush spiders through the holes, using the regular corn hole rules.

Halloween Toss

Stand in a socially distant circle and toss a Halloween object around. You can find a plush spider or ghost, or make an orange ball look like a jack-o-lantern with a black permanent marker.

There are several ways to make this toss game fun, depending on the age and abilities of the kids in your group. 

You could play a variation of hot potato. Simply toss the Halloween object around the circle while playing some spooky Halloween music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the object is out.

Buy several Halloween themed balls, balloons, bean bags, or plush items for a fun and frantic variation of Spooky Catch. Have the children start tossing one item around the circle, after a few minutes throw another item into the mix. Continue adding Halloween items until the children start dropping them.

Halloween Simon Says

Dress your “Simon” up as a Halloween character. Maybe place a witch hat on her head and call it “Witch says”, or use a pillow case or trash bag to make a child a ghost and play “ghosty says.”

Halloween Relay Races

Kids love to play relay races at parties! It isn’t too difficult to think of socially distanced relay races with a Halloween theme to play. Separate kids into socially distant teams and try some of these fun Halloween Relay Race Ideas.

Glow in the Dark Ring Toss

Gather some empty bottles and paint them with glow in the dark paint, or wrap them with glow in the dark tape. Have kids throw glow stick bracelets over the bottles to see which team can get the most.

Candy Corn Relay

Divide kids into teams and have them stand in socially distanced lines. Place a container of candy corn in a bowl (or cauldron) in front of each team. Give each child a plastic spoon. Place another container for each team on the other side of the room, See which team can fill their container first.

Witch Hat Ring Toss

Place several costume witch hats on the floor and have kids taking turns to see which team can get the most rings over the witches hat. You can use flying disks with holes in the middle, or make your own rings by cutting circles with holes in the center from cardboard.

Spider Toss

Use black tape to make a spider web on the floor, or on a piece of poster board. Assign a point value to each ring of the web and have kids toss plastic spiders onto the web to gain points.

Ghost Sack Race

Use a black permanent marker to make several pillow cases look like ghosts, then hold a socially distanced ghost sack relay race.

Jack-o-Lantern Can Toss

Cover several empty tin cans with orange construction paper. Draw a jack-o-lantern face on each can. Stack them up and see which team can knock them over with a ball first.

Social Distancing Friendly Halloween Activities

Decorate Pumpkins

Costume Contest

Dance Party with a Halloween Playlist

Make a Craft

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Visit a Haunted House

Have a Halloween Photo Booth

Scavenger Hunt

Eat a Halloween Snack

Watch a Halloween Movie

Halloween Coloring Sheets or Activity Pages

More Fun Socially Distant Ideas

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