How to Make a S’mores Tackle Box

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This post is sponsored by Honey Maid Snacks, but all opinions are my own.

Making s’mores together is a perfect way to create long lasting, happy summer memories for your kids. Make this simple S’mores Tackle Box to keep all your s’mores supplies handy for those fun family summer nights.

In the last year, many of us have scaled back our big summer vacations, opting to spend more time at home or closer to home. Your family can still have an amazing summer, full of memorable time together without a big far-away vacation. So much of making happy memories is simply, intentionally making the everyday a little more exciting. 

An evening spent grilling dinner in the backyard can become your child’s favorite day of the week simply by lighting a fire in the fire pit and making s’mores together. If you don’t have a fire pit, you can toast your marshmallows on the grill!

Having a S’mores Tackle Box stocked and ready with all of the necessary s’mores supplies makes it easy to enjoy s’mores with your family anytime and anywhere.

This S’mores tackle box makes taking your s’mores supplies along on your family outings so easy! Not only can you make s’mores in your own back yard, but you can also take them along to the park, a friend’s house, to the lake, etc. 

You’ll find everything you need for a S’mores Tackle Box at your local Walmart!

Here’s how to make a S’mores Tackle Box for your family’s summer fun. 

First choose the containers you’ll use for your S’mores Tackle Box.

You’ll need a larger container that will hold all of your S’mores ingredients and supplies. A cooler, a plastic tote, a tackle box, a tool box, or a reusable grocery bag are all good choices for your S’Mores Tackle Box.

Next, you’ll need to choose a smaller plastic container that will hold all of your s’mores ingredients. This large four compartment divided container is perfect, but any container you have on hand is fine. You can even use separate plastic containers for each s’mores ingredient- one for graham crackers, one for chocolate, and one for marshmallows.

Now, add all of your s’mores supplies to the plastic container(s). Having all of the s’mores supplies already separated into the correct size to create a s’mores is the key to making s’mores with children stress free. The last thing you want when kids are running to you with melty marshmallows on sticks is to have to open and prepare all of the other ingredients!

Break your Honey Maid Grahams Honey crackers in half and place them in the plastic container. 

Then break the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Candy Bar into smaller s’more size pieces and place those into the container.

Finally add Jet-puffed Marshmallows to the plastic container.

Put the plastic container with the s’more ingredients into the larger box. Add telescoping s’more sticks, a pack of hand wipes or baby wipes, and a lighter. 

Your family’s S’more Tackle Box has everything you need for a fun family s’mores treat.

Shop at Walmart for your S’mores Tack Box Supplies. Then, grab your S’more Tackle Box and head outside with your family to start creating amazing summer memories!

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