7 Cute Halloween Costume Ideas That Incorporate a Face Mask

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Wearing a mask has probably become part of your kid’s daily routine. And since masks are a requirement in many states, chances are high that your kids will be wearing a face mask as they go trick or treating this year.

Instead of adding a mask to your kid’s costume this Halloween, why not dress them in a costume that would naturally incorporate a face mask?

These seven cute ideas are great ways to incorporate a face mask into their costume.

Doctor or Nurse

The most obvious way to incorporate a mask into your child’s Halloween costume is to dress them as a doctor or nurse. In addition to being a simple way to make a mask a part of your child’s costume, dressing up as a nurse or a doctor for Halloween is a great way to honor all those essential frontline workers. Not to mention that this is such a simple costume to create at home! Just dress your child up in matching blue pants and a t-shirt, add a medical mask and a toy stethoscope, and you’re done!


If you have an animal lover at home, let them be a veterinarian this Halloween. This simple is another easy way to incorporate a mask into their Halloween costume. Your child could wear child-size scrubs, along with a medical mask and stethoscope. And don’t forget to add a stuffed animal “patient” to the costume to complete the look.


While most mummies probably don’t wear masks on their face, dressing as a mummy this Halloween is a simple way to hide the face covering. Simply wear a white face mask, along with white pants and shirt. Then, wrap your child in gauze to cover their clothing and mask – instantly turning them into an adorable mummy for Halloween!


Another simple way for your child to wear a face mask as part of their costume this Halloween is to dress as a ghost. Dress in all white, along with a white face mask. Then, use a white sheet with eye holes cut out to easily turn your child into a ghost.

Jack O Lantern

If you’re crafty, you can easily turn a plain orange mask into a fun Jack O Lantern face! Draw a cute Jack o Lantern smile on an orange face mask, then dress your child in all orange. Give them a cute pumpkin stem hat to top off the costume.

Super Hero

Most super heroes use masks to hide their identity, making it another great way for your kids to incorporate a mask into their Halloween costume. Whether they go with a famous super hero with a mask, like Iron Man, or create their own hero costume, this fun Halloween mask idea is sure to be a hit with your child.


If your kids love space then dressing up as an Astronaut could be the perfect choice this year. Kids can easily wear a face mask underneath an astronaut helmet. You can use a store bought costume, or make a cute astronaut costume using cardboard boxes.

Halloween may be different this year. But with a little extra work, our kids can still have a fun and memorable Halloween!

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