Witch Halloween Paper Doll Craft

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By now you know that Halloween crafting is something my family loves to do. The weather is getting cooler, and time spent together around the craft table is a welcome start to the season.

Today we are sharing this adorable Witch Paper Doll craft with you . My girls love creating this Halloween paper doll in many different colors and making up creative stories about their witches.

Gather some fun colored papers, print off a template and make this adorable witch Halloween paper doll craft with your kids today!

Halloween Witch Craft


  1. Colored paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Scissors
  4. Craft glue
  5. Marker
  6. Template


Step -1:

Select colored craft paper for the little witch. You can get really creative here and use all kinds of fun colors!

In the example below I’m using black and grey for the dress, brown for the hat stripe, mint for the body and hands, and pink for the hair.

Trace the template patterns on the papers you selected and cut them out.

Glue the small strip on the hat to create a stripe on the witch’s hat.

Attach the scalloped border on the bottom of the skirt and attach the color piece to the neck line of the shirt.

Attach the arms onto the witch’s sleeve as shown below.

Attach the witch’s head to the shirt, then glue the shirt onto the skirt to create the witch’s whole body.

Cut a slit along the yellow line on the witch’s hair. 

Slide the head through the slit of the hair from the bottom. Apply glue to attach the hair to the head. (see photo below)

Attach the witch’s hat on the top of her hair. Use a black marker to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the witch paper doll. 

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