10 Easy Halloween Traditions to Start with Your Family

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Fall is finally here, and that means that Halloween will be just around the corner! There are so many easy Halloween traditions you can start with your family that doesn’t take a lot of prep work and will help you create a memorable Halloween season. Here are ten easy Halloween traditions to start with your family.

Make your own Halloween costumes

Making your own Halloween costumes might sound like a big undertaking, but it’s pretty easy. If you get everyone else involved, many hands make light work! If you are short on time, use the clothes you already have on hand to make some fun last-minute costumes!


Pick out a pumpkin and carve it together

Head to your local pumpkin patch and have everyone pick out a pumpkin. If you are on a tight budget, you can always get a family pumpkin that’s a little bigger and get everyone involved. When it gets close to Halloween, carve and display your pumpkins! Just be warned that pumpkins can be pretty expensive if you head to a pumpkin patch, so double check your grocery store for sales.


Make a spooky recipe

Making a fun spooky recipe is a great tradition to start with your kids! If you are looking for something sweet, you can make everything from ghost-themed milkshakes to monster’s bark. If you are looking for something on the savory side, you can easily transform a quesadilla or stuffed pepper recipe into a fun Jack o Lantern treat!


Watch a Halloween movie

There are a bunch of great Halloween movies out there that are perfect for even little kids. Watching classics such as The Great Pumpkin every year will be a memory your kids hold dear for years to come. Netflix will have a ton of movies to pick from closer to Halloween if you don’t own any movies.

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Go trick or treating

If your kids are young enough, take them out to go trick or treating! Everyone can dress up in their homemade costumes, or store-bought, and enjoy a night out as a family.


Bob for apples

Apples in water can make such a simple yet so fun activity! This is so easy to put together and will give your kids hours of entertainment!


Read a Halloween bedtime story

Check out a few books from the library and read to your kids every night before bed! Make sure to choose books that aren’t too scary since it’s right before bed.


Have a Day of the Dead dinner

This is probably the most difficult of all the other traditions, but a fun one to start! Day of the Dead is typically the same time of year as Halloween! A fun way to celebrate is to make your loved ones (who have passed on) their favorite dishes, and have a huge feast! This is a fun way to remember lost loved ones this time of year, and do something fun to celebrate.


No matter how old your kids will be this year, these Halloween traditions are fun family activities that your kids will look forward to every year.


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