Clay Ghost Craft for Halloween

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This adorable clay ghost craft is the perfect ghost craft for Halloween!

Kids, teens and adults will enjoy making these super easy clay Halloween craft ghosts!

Find the easy step by step instructions to make these clay Halloween ghosts below.

How to make Clay Ghosts for Halloween

List of Supplies

  • Foam clay
  • Clay carving tools
  • Markers


For the ghost, select white clay and different colored clays for the other items such as the pumpkin, stem, hat, hat-band, and blush.

Pinch off pieces of each color of clay that you’d like to use. You’ll need a larger piece of white clay for the ghost.

Roll each clay piece on a flat and smooth surface with your palm to make a smooth and even ball shape.

You can adjust the size of each clay ball later if required.

Craft the clay ghost first.

Roll the clay ball on the surface backward and forward to create a cylinder-like shape. See below for the shape.

Keep the bottom side of the ghost wider than the top, as shown below.

Use the tip of your thumb to make a small hole on the wider end of the ghost’s body.

This indention will help the clay ghost stand more easily.

Flatten the orange ball prepared for the pumpkin and prepare the stem from green clay.

Use a clay knife to make indentions from the top center of the flattened orange clay to the bottom.

Attach the stem on the top of the flat clay pumpkin.

Lay the clay ghost on a flat surface with its front side facing up. Place the clay pumpkin on the top of it, near the center.

Prepare 2 small clay arms from white clay.

Attach the clay arms on either side of the pumpkin, joining the other ends of each arm to the clay ghost’s body.

Use a black maker to draw the eyes and mouth of the clay ghost.

You can use pink marker to draw the check blushes or you can use pink clay to make blushes, as you prefer.

Prepare 2 clay balls for the hat.

Flatten one of the clay balls to make a flat round shape and use the other clay ball to make a cone shape.

Attach the cone shape in the center of the flat round shape. Prepare a black clay strip for the band of the hat. 

Wrap the black strip around the bottom part of the clay cone to make the clay hat.

Place the clay hat on the top of the clay ghost to complete the craft. 

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