Hocus Pocus Snack Plate

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It’s Hocus Pocus season! Make this cute and healthy Hocus Pocus Snack Plate to enjoy while watching the brand new sequel!

Hocus Pocus Movie Snack Plate

This Hocus Pocus snack plate is perfect for serving kids and tweens an individually portioned fun and healthy snack to enjoy while watching Hocus Pocus.

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sanderson sisters snack plate

If you are looking for fun Hocus Pocus movie night ideas, this snack plate is a great place to start!

How to make a Healthy Hocus Pocus Snack Plate Kids will Love

Choose a plate for your Hocus Pocus movie snack. I used plastic plates, but any dinner plate- even disposable will work for this easy Hocus Pocus snack idea.

Place three Rice Crisps across the plate.

Make the Sanderson sisters’ dresses using various fruit. Sarah needs a red or pink dress, Winifred wears green, and Mary wears orange and purple.

For our snack plate we used strawberries for Sarah. Other options for Sarah could be cubes of watermelon or red apple slices.

We used kiwi for Winifred. Green grapes or pears could also be good choices for her.

For Mary we used slices of a clementine orange. You could use any type of orange slice, cantelope cubes, or even red grapes.

Next, add the hair onto the Sanderson Sisters.

Start in the middle with Winifred’s red hair. We used raspberries to make her two top knots.

Next make Sarah’s long blond hair. We used small cubes of white cheddar cheese. You can use any light yellow cheese, or even a handful of popcorn for Sarah’s hair.

Next, create Mary’s high bun. We used raspberries to create her updo.

Use a black icing gel to draw eyes and beauty marks.

Add mouths to the faces. I used tiny slices of strawberry. You could also use red gel icing, a small red candy, or strip of red licorice.

Hocus Pocus Snack Idea

Now, enjoy your Sanderson Sisters snack!

Hocus Pocus Movie Treat

If you loved this fun Hocus Pocus snack idea, you’ll love this fun Hocus Pocus Charcuterie Board too!

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