50+ Activities for Kids using Common Household Items

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Are your kids bored and looking for fun new activities to do? These 50+ fun activities and crafts will keep your kids busy so you don’t have to hear “I’m bored!” for the millionth time.

My favorite thing about all these activities is that they only require common household items. You won’t need to run to the store, or place an order before your kids can enjoy the activity.

The 50+ activities included in this list are mostly creative and play activities, you’ll find over 50 STEM activities using common household items in this post. Between the two, your kids should be happily occupied all week!

Also, most of the activities in this big list don’t require any prep, so your kids can get started right away! Look right here for even more no-prep indoor activities and crafts for kids.

And if Mom needs a break, these 21 independent indoor activities should keep your kids occupied all afternoon.

Keep kids busy with things you already have at home with these fun activity ideas!

Activities for Kids using Common Household Items

Easy Activities for Kids Using Household Items

Looking for something fun for your kids to do? These fun activities will keep your kids busy, and they use only common household items. No need to visit the store!

Which activity will your kids want to try first?

Don’t forget to check out the 50+ STEM activities using only common household items.

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