Cleaning with Kids: Spring Cleaning Hacks

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When it comes to cleaning, I’m all about efficiency… but with six kids I have a lot to clean!
During the busy school year I tend to clean as needed, by the time school starts slowing down in the spring it’s time for a major spring cleaning.

If you’ve ever cleaned with little kids in the house, you know that usually one room gets trashed while Mom gets another one clean. I’ve learned that the best way to combat that is to get the kids involved cleaning too.

They help make the mess, so they should help clean it up! Kids can do lots of chores effectively, and cleaning can even be fun! Cleaning with Kids - spring cleaning hacks Today I’m sharing some of my favorite tips to get the kids involved in spring cleaning.

Make it fun

Competition:  Set up a friendly cleaning competition. Maybe the winner gets to choose a movie and dessert for family night. Competition ideas include: who can clean a room the fastest, who can get the most dirt on his dust rag, who can clean with the least whining… the possibilities are endless!

Reward: Set a goal and a reward. You can set up individual rewards for each child’s chore list. Kids can earn a special treat or money. Or set a family reward… when the spring cleaning is finished the whole family goes out for ice cream!

Race: You can race each other of course, but I find racing a clock to be more effective. Try turning on a favorite upbeat song and see if you can do one task before the song ends. Can we pick up all the toys before the song ends? Can you dust your room before two songs finish? Setting an actual timer is also a great way to challenge kids to get chores done quickly rather than dawdling.

Kid Cleaning Tips

Use SocksCleaning with Kids - spring cleaning hacks Mis-matched socks go straight into the rag bin. My kids think sock cleaning is the best kind of cleaning! Kids can wear socks on their feet to help mop. How fun is it to skid around on the floor cleaning up messes? Socks on hands are perfect for dusting. I hate dusting baseboards, but it’s a job my preschoolers love! I also fill a bucket with vinegar and water, and the kids cleaning all kind of nooks and crannies with socks on their hands.Cleaning with Kids - spring cleaning hacks Kid Size ToolsCleaning with Kids - spring cleaning hacks Cleaning seems more fun with kid size tools!

  • Small dust buster vacuums are perfect size for kids.
  • Grab a short broom for sweeping.
  • Save ice cream buckets for kid size cleaning buckets.
  • Carpet sweepers are also a great size for kidsCleaning with Kids - spring cleaning hacks

Magic EraserCleaning with Kids - spring cleaning hacks Magic Erasers clean just about everything and kids think they really are magic when spots and stains just disappear with a few swipes. I often tear the sponges in half for child size hands. I give each kid a half of the magic eraser, and send her to a room with a list of things to look for.

  • wall and trim scuffs
  • fingerprints on light switches, walls, doors, door handles, and cabinets
  • marks on bathroom sinks and faucets
  • dirt and scuffs on appliances. Nothing cleans our white refrigerator and oven as well as Magic Eraser!Cleaning with Kids - spring cleaning hacks

Here are even more tips Spring Cleaning tips from Jillian Harris.

Grab your kids and get to spring cleaning with these easy cleaning hacks for kids!

This review was made possible by iConnect and Mr. Clean.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are my 100% mine.

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  1. I try to make my own cleaning solutions. I don’t know why but when I make my own cleaning products it makes Spring cleaning easier and more fun for me.

  2. The Magic eraser makes my spring cleaning so much easier and sticking to plan so i don’t get sidetracked.

  3. Magic Erasers really are miracle workers as they’ve helped clean up some messes for us that I thought were beyond repair. I like your sock gloves idea!

  4. What makes my Spring Cleaning easier is to get the kids to help me with the chores. It really makes it faster and we all can get a lot of stuff done together!

  5. Having my son help definitely is a time saver. My husband also chips in so the whole family is involved.

  6. Spring cleaning is easier for me if my husband takes our 2 and 4 year old on an adventure while I clean. They love to “help”, but no deep cleaning is getting done while they are at home!

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