How to Handle Kids Who Fight All Summer

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Sibling rivalry happens in any home. During the summer months, they are spending more time together at home, and those small fights start to happen more and more. You don’t have to constantly work as a part-time peacekeeper in order for your kids to stop fighting during the summer. Here is how to handle kids who fight all summer.

Set Ground Rules

Before your kids even get out of school for the summer, it’s important to establish rules. These rules will help avoid so many fights between kids and may even help them learn to solve some of their issues with one another. If your kids are constantly fighting over who gets to use the TV, then you may need rules for TV time. Set ground rules before the fight happens to avoid having to play referee all summer long.


Try to Limit Occasions for Fighting

There are usually certain triggers that cause your kids to fight. This may be that they don’t want to share their toys or are feeling like they aren’t getting the attention they want. By limiting the occasions where they might start to fight, you can take control of the situations. You may not realize these situations until they happen, but the more you can do to prevent them the more peaceful your summer will be.


Be a Good Role Model

Kids often mimic what we do. If you are always fighting with your husband, friends, or even your own siblings, they may do the same. Act as a good role model and practice what you preach! This can be very hard when we’re stressed and burnt out, but your kids will take notice when you don’t follow the rules.


Treat Everyone Equally

One reason your children may fight is to win your attention. This is why it’s so important to spend equal time with your kids and to not give anyone special treatment. Plan one on one dates with each of your kids, and make sure that you reward each child fairly. If everyone feels like they are being treated equally with both rewards and punishments, they may be less likely to fight.


Fight Summer Boredom

Your kids may actually start fighting out of sheer boredom! This might sound nuts, but it happens. Have a pretend play prompt jar or even a simple bored jar for when your kids aren’t sure what to do. This will limit boredom fights and they will tend to get along a little better.


Independent Play

If your children can’t seem to stop fighting, you may want to consider allowing them to have independent play time. This where each of them chooses to do an activity that doesn’t require anyone else. This can involve reading, playing with their toys, or doing an activity they want to do. If they feel like they are getting to do what they want to do, they will be less likely to fight during joint playtime.


If you are struggling to end sibling rivalry in your home this summer, hopefully, these tips will provide you with some relief!


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