I will Carpe Diem

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There has been much discussion on the internet between mothers, stemming from this blog post, about whether we should feel the need “Carpe Diem” every single moment of motherhood.

Well meaning strangers often tell mothers, “time goes fast, enjoy every minute!”  Surely, this is frustrating to mothers, particularly when in the midst of a stressful shopping trip with children in tow.  This is one of the (many) things people say to me when I am out in public with my crew.  However, it is the one unsolicited stranger advice that never bothers me.  (Now the “you sure have your hands full” comments, those bother me, but that’s a post for another day!)

I understand that time doesn’t seem to pass quickly when in the middle of a full-scale toddler meltdown, but all I have to do is glance at my 8-year-old and I know the truth.  In a blink that screaming toddler will be a little girl.  I look at my 8-year-old and realize that I’m about halfway there.  By the time she is 16, I may no longer be her chosen confidant, her favorite shopping buddy, and her most trusted advisor.  If, by then, I have not soaked up every possible opportunity to love on her, listen to her, teach her, cuddle her, and laugh with her, my chance will be all but gone.  That is a scary thought.  The last 8 years have flown by in a blur; I pray the next 8 will slow down!

I’m going to Carpe Diem.  Motherhood will be my life’s most important and most influential job.  I will consciously dig in and seize every day.

The definition of ‘seize’ is to take hold of, to catch, or to take control.  Carpe Diem isn’t reserved for perfection.  It has little to do with enjoying the moment and more to do with making the most of each moment.  While I strive to enjoy every moment with my children my greatest goal is to seize the opportunity in every moment with them.

If I go to bed at night with dirty dishes, a sticky floor, and unfolded laundry but my children went to bed feeling loved and valued then I have seized the day.  If it was a stressful day of more discipline than I would like, but my kids go to bed learning they are accountable for their behaviour, for their attitude, and for their choices then I HAVE seized the day.  If I spent little time playing but taught my kids about work ethic and diligence then, too, I have seized the day.  If I messed up and lost my cool but taught my kids that no one is perfect, and we all need forgiveness then I have seized the day.

Time goes by so quickly.  Motherhood is HARD, but they are worth it.  So, yeah, I choose to CARPE DIEM!

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