How to Pack for a Hiking Day Trip with Kids

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As an active Mom, getting outside with my family is so important. Getting outside has been my number one way to keep my attitude positive and happy since becoming a single Mom. Days spent outdoors seem to bring good attitudes to my entire family. With the added benefit of exhausted children who sleep well that night!

Would you believe that I even enjoy some relatively quiet time to de-stress while hiking with my children? It isn’t difficult at all! 

When your children find the perfect place to explore, have a little mini-Mom break. Simply find a comfortable spot to sit, and show the children boundaries within your eyesight for play and exploration. Bring along a refreshing bottle of the new Peach Ginger Honest® Tea to enjoy while the children play.

What a great way to spend the afternoon on a beautiful day! Hiking as a family, then enjoying a bottle of organic and fair trade Honest® Tea while watching the kids explore and play.With Earth Day just around the corner, its the perfect time to get outside and go hiking with your kids. With a little planning and preparation, hiking with children doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult.

From preschool age, children should carry their own backpack with a few essentials so Mom’s backpack isn’t too loaded.

All children should carry their own safety whistle and a small bottle of water. Pay attention to the size of your child to determine what else he or she is capable of carrying. Children may also carry their own snacks, lunch, jacket, extra water, sun hat, and/or poncho.

With a wide age range of children in my family, I have children carrying only a small water bottle in a sling bag while others are capable of carrying all their own day hike necessities.

When packing your own hiking pack, you’ll need to consider not only your own necessities, but also necessities that younger children cannot carry on their own.

Mom’s Hiking Pack List:

  • Mom’s water, snacks and lunch
  • A sunhat, poncho and/or jacket (for Mom and any child too small to carry her own)
  • Extra water to refill a child’s small water bottle
  • Any food your child cannot carry in her own backpack
  • bug spray
  • sun screen
  • Peach Ginger Honest® Tea
  • First aid and medical necessities such as bandages, wound cleaner, wound ointment, anti-itch cream, adult and child dosages of pain medication and antihistamine, etc

Pack all first aid and medical necessities in a separate small pouch for your hiking trip. Keeping those ‘just-in-case’ medical supplies packed in a small pouch in your hiking backpack will make finding those tiny supplies easy later. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to unpack an entire backpack just to find anti-itch cream or a tiny bandage.

This adorable “Get Outside” pouch is the perfect way to keep first aid supplies together and easy to find. Scroll down to the end of this post to find the easy DIY for this pouch.

You’ll find Honest® Tea along with great lunch and snack options for your day hike at Kroger. Check the Nature’s Market organic section and the tea section for many Honest® Tea flavor options. I recommend the new Peach Ginger tea for a delicious and refreshing treat while hiking. While it contains no added sugar, it’s flavor has a pleasant just a tad sweet taste.

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DIY Get Outside First Aid Pouch


  • small cosmetic or pencil pouch
  • heat transfer material
  • Silhouette cutting machine
  • iron


Measure your pouch to determine what size to make the iron on. Choose a simple mountain design to cut in vinyl. I found my design in the Silhouette design store.

After opening the mountain outline design in the Silhouette software, you’ll need to adjust it to fit the size of your cosmetic pouch. Simply drag the design from the corner to your desired width. Don’t worry about the height of the design right now.

Next, squish the image to the correct vertical size by dragging from the top center point of the design.Choose your favorite font and place “Get Outside” under the mountain.Chose “Select All” from the edit menu. Then left (or control on MAC) click and select “group”.

Select the grouped image, and click “flip horizontally”.

Place your heat transfer vinyl material on the cutting mat shiny side down. Load it into the Silhouette machine and cut your design.

Weed the design, leaving the clear backing intact.

Place the design on the cosmetic pouch.

Cover the design with a thin cloth and iron for about 45 seconds. Carefully peel a corner, if the design lifts away from the cosmetic pouch continue heating with the iron at 15 second intervals until the heat transfer vinyl sticks securely to the cosmetic pouch.

Fill your pouch with all the hiking first aid necessities, and add it to your day pack.

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  1. Yes, we love spending time outside too, there’s just something about it that uplifts you for sure! But it can quickly get spoiled if you don’t have all the essentials, so that’s definitely something you want to make sure of!

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