Never Ending Diapers & Laundry {Giveaway}

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Diapers and laundry… sometimes I feel like my life is defined my those never-ending duties. Never Ending Diapers and Laundry

Life as a toddler Momma means those diapers and laundry are a never-ending cycle, especially now that the weather is nice. Jon spends most of his (little) indoor time throwing himself at the door or bringing me his shoes trying to convince me to go back outside. Never Ending Diapers and LaundryOnce he makes it outside you can guarantee if there is a pile of dirt, or any mud, he will find it and be covered from head to toe before I can blink. Never Ending Diapers and Laundry

All day everyday, diapers must be changed and laundry must be done. But they never actually feel done, since there’s always another dirty diaper and soiled pair of clothes waiting!

Diapers and laundry, laundry and diapers…repeat, repeat, repeat.Never Ending Diapers and Laundry

Thank goodness for Walmart’s Stock Up and Save event!  I got to stock up on my favorite P&G products {Tide and Luvs} at a great price!

When together this beautiful weather and my busy toddler mean even more diapers to change and laundry to wash I feel good knowing I got a great deal on my laundry detergent and Jon’s diapers!



 “The Walmart gift cards and information have been provided by P&G.” 

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  1. I am a dad raising all 5 of mine alone and we go through LOTS of Bounty paper towels, charmin, Dawn dish soap and more

  2. We are big fans of Loves diapers, and we have a little one who goes through them quicker than anything. Definitely plan on stocking up this week. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  3. We always stock up on toilet paper because that is the last thing you want to suddenly discover you are out of.

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