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This school year has been more than a little rocky. So, when I was asked to review a Yearly Membership to, a website with many online classes plus helpful printables, I knew it was the perfect product for me!

ST-Affiliate-300x300 is the curriculum site of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. The website offers more than 100 classes for preschoolers through high schoolers and even several courses for parents. The beauty of this website is it can be used as the core of your curriculum, to fill in gaps in your current curriculum, or to add fun electives to your day.

The sheer amount of courses available through is massive. I was actually a bit overwhelmed at first! Available courses include everything from preschool ABCs to College Course Choice Guidance. There is a wealth of learning available for every age in your homeschool! There are even full family courses like homesteading and family fitness available!affiliate

After I took a minute to evaluate our needs for the year, choosing which courses to start first was less overwhelming. We’ve got the basics down, but we are lacking in extracurriculars and ‘fun’ learning.

We’ve already started three courses: sign language for my oldest two girls (4th and 5th grades), Bug Science for my son (2nd grade), and EZ Storybooks for my youngest two daughters (PreK and Kindgergarten.) Every afternoon, when our book work is finished, the children ask to spend time at watching their courses. So far I am very impressed with the courses we’ve started! I love that the sign language course is not only teaching my girls American Sign Language, but also educating them about deaf culture. The animated EZ storybooks are a great tool to keep my younger daughters busy while I teach the older children. Since each book is animated, they can click each word to hear it read and also click on the animated illustrations to keep the stories interesting. Bug Science, with its 14 weekly lessons about the biology of worms and their role in the environment, was immediately a hit with my critter-obsessed boy.

The courses are so fun and entertaining that my children already have a list of courses they want to take as time allows this year: Playwriting, Hebrew, Videomaking, Art, Music, Wildlife Adventure, and Tinkers Club, to name a few.

Since I’ve only had my membership for two weeks, I feel I haven’t even scratched the surface of what is available through  I look forward to evaluating more subjects as the year goes on!

Now is a wonderful time to join thanks to a huge sale this month.   From now through Christmas Day at 11:59pm ET, get 40% off the monthly membership ($7.77/month) or 50% off the Yearly Membership ($64.26/year). Plus, Homeschool families who join at this rate will keep it forever as long as they maintain a continuous membership.

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