Paper Doll Mulan Craft for Kids

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Do you have a favorite princess? Mulan is a favorite of several of the girls in my home right now. They are waiting impatiently for the new Mulan movie to come out.

While we wait, this adorable DIY Mulan Paper Doll is the perfect craft!

DIY Mulan Craft


  • Colored paper (construction paper or card stock)
  • Printable template
  • Pencil
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue


Pick out colored papers for your Mulan paper doll. One paper should be a skin tone, and you’ll need black for her hair and pink for her cheeks. Next choose the colors you’d like to use for Mulan’s dress. We used light green, dark green, yellow, blue, and red. You can choose any colors that you prefer!
Now, trace the patterns on your chosen papers. You’ll notice the template is marked with a dot of color to help you. Now, cut the pattern pieces out.

Attach the small red strip onto the blue top as shown. Also, attach the 2 small green strips along the neck border of the light green shirt. 

Cut slits along the yellow lines of the green top. Insert the blue piece through the slits of the green top. Glue the blue top onto the light green piece. 

Cut the slit along the yellow line of the hair piece. 

Insert the Mulan’s head through the slit of the in hair. Apply glue to secure.

Attach the hand pieces on to the open ends of the light green sleeves. Also, attach the 2 pink round cutouts on both cheeks of the paper doll pattern. 

Attach the skirt and shirt onto the body piece.

Use a black marker or pen to draw the eyes and other details onto Mulan. 

That’s it! She’s adorable isn’t she!?

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