Sheep Craft: DIY Popsicle Stick Puppets

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I know spring is on the way, but where I live the beginning of spring is often full of cold weather and wet rain. I find early spring afternoons to be the perfect time to craft with my kids.

This adorable sheep craft is fun to make, and fun to play with too. Kids love using their popsicle stick crafts as homemade puppets to act out stories after crafting. Since we always have construction paper and popsicle sticks in our craft basket, popsicle stick puppets are always a simple craft to make.

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At my house these are a simple craft to make, since we always have construction paper and popsicle sticks in our craft basket. If you’ve never stocked up on craft sticks, then I suggest you go ahead and buy a box of 1000 craft sticks. They are quite inexpensive, and trust me when I say that once your kids start crafting with them, they’ll go through them fast!

Another great activity for these puppets is using them to act out a story after reading a book with your children. My kids have always loved Sheep in a Jeep. Grab a toy car and these sheep puppets for a fun time acting out the story. After reading together, ask your kids to use the puppets and whatever props they can find to make their own variation of the story.

The lamb puppet would also work well with The Lamb and the Butterfly, which is such a great book about learning to understand and respect the differences in others.

At Easter time you could also make the lamb craft and read The Crippled Lamb with your children.

Or make these adorable pig family puppets to go with your sheep family for a barnyard puppet show.

DIY Sheep Puppets


  • Cardstock or construction paper – white, brown and gray
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Googly eyes 
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Printable template


Print and cut out the patterns from the template. (The template includes patterns for a little lamb, a father sheep and a mother sheep.) We’ll show you how to make these puppets by using the ram as an example.

Trace and cut out the head and legs from gray or black construction paper. Do the same with the horns on brown paper and the rest of the patterns on white or off-white paper. 

Attach the head cutout on the top part of the body cutout, as pictured below.

Next, attach the hair cutout on the top of the head.

Then, attach the horns just above the ears, behind the hair. Attach the legs on the under side of the body pattern. You can also attach 2 more legs, if you’d like- or leave your puppet with just 2 legs.

Attach the sheep on a popsicle stick, add goggly eyes and draw facial features to complete the puppet craft. 

Now, follow the same steps to create the lamb and the mother sheep. 

Adorable aren’t they!?

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