Singing in the rain

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It has been a long week for us, Rob has been working 12 hour shifts with no days off for a week already and still has the rest of this week to go.  Though our days here at home still follow mostly the same rhythm no matter what Rob’s work schedule, time just seems to drag on and on for all of us without him.

Yesterday afternoon, when it seemed the day should already be over,  I decided we needed to get our excess energy out in spite of the rain and having no car for the day.  I wish I thought of this earlier in this dreary week, we all had a blast.  After half an hour of puddle jumping the kids were declaring it the best day ever.

I loved watching Emily’s little puddle jump.  Nothing is cuter than a baby whose idea of jumping includes bending down, then standing up quickly while throwing her arms up in the air…even though her little feet never leave the ground.  She was so excited by her ‘jumps.’

It’s amazing how much fun a light drizzle and a few driveway puddles can be!Peyton, after being assured that the “thunderworks” were not coming back, was adorable splashing in puddles in her princess dress.  I love her toddler hide and seek tactic of not quite fully covering her eyes when counting.The kids and I love our adventures.  My favorite perk of homeschooling is the extra time it affords us to do fun and different things.  I also love being reminded, on days like today, that our adventures don’t always have to include long drives, visits to new and exciting places, or day long events–we can have a ball and make memories in half an hour right where we are!

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