When Dreams Come True

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For as long as she can remember, Rebekah’s greatest dreams involve horses. She reads about horses, draws pictures of horses, writes stories about horses.

Months ago, after booking our family vacation, I promised her a horseback trail ride. She has impatiently counted down the months and days until the opportunity came.

Then, 2 weeks before the anticipated vacation I called to schedule her ride, only to find out that the rules require an adult on the ride with minors. I would love to trail ride with her- but now that I’m a single Mom on this vacation it’s just impossible. I knew she would be devastated.

After all she has lost… all the disappointments of the last 18 months, I just could not shatter this dream. I had to find her a trail ride, I just had to!

I googled and searched, emailing every single possibility no matter how slight. Any website or email address attached to riding lessons or a stable received a message enquiring about the possibility of a trail ride. Only one message got a response. Dreams come true horse trail riding

Just a few days later, my whole crew set out for the adventure of a lifetime at Kandy’s Chance Ranch. Not only a trail ride- but so much more, for all of us. My crew spent nearly two hours living Rebekah’s dream.

The owner, Kandy, believes that riding doesn’t begin in the saddle. Even a trial ride begins with grooming and getting acquainted with the horse. Except for Rebekah, all of my kids were pretty iffy about this horseback riding thing. Horses are big after all! I really expected 2 or 3 of the kids to decline to ride. Dreams come true horse trail riding

When we arrived each child was assigned his or her own horse AND teacher/helper! Sure enough, by the time the children met, groomed, and saddled their horses every single one eagerly climbed into a saddle! And when I say groomed and saddled I mean it- they really got to do it all with a little help and coaching by their awesome helpers.

Even Jon had his own horse to groom and ride…Dreams come true horse trail riding

Next up came a lesson in the ring where Emily made sure to tell Kandy that her Mommy said “Someone has to hold on right there the whole time!”Dreams come true horse trail ridingIn the ring, the children got to learn how to stop, start and turn their horses. Dreams come true horse trail ridingBy the time they left the ring for the trail ride, they were all confident and excited. They didn’t feel like children on ponies walking circles at a fair, they were riding! (But really, the whole time their helper had a hold of the lead just in case.)Dreams come true horse trail riding

The kids got all the experience of a real true trail ride, even though they really didn’t have the knowledge or experience to go on one.2015-07-06_0031

It was incredible for all of my children, not just Rebekah. Sometimes things work out so much better than ever imagined. (Ephesians 3:20)Dreams come true horse trail ridingVacation trail riding would have been fun- a quick half hour of sitting on a horse trained to follow a leader. A glorified fair pony ride really. Dreams come true horse trail riding

This experience was so much more.Dreams come true horse trail riding

Learning what it really takes to care for a horse; you can’t just jump on and ride!

Getting to know the horse and bonding with it during that care. Dreams come true horse trail riding



Of course for them. But, me mostly- watching this dream come true.

One promise not broken.Dreams come true horse trail riding

I’m just in awe. Seeing God take care of the ‘little things.’ (Which were not at all little to my crew.)

The reminder- He’s going to take care of the big things too.

Even though I see a dream shattered, He might just have greater, bigger, better plans.

Dreams come true horse trail ridingDeep breaths, lots of prayers, and learning to trust. God’s got this.

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  1. My youngest just told us she wants to learn to ride a horse. I didn’t even know places like this existed – have to search one out around here!

  2. There is a quote that says ….good things fall apart so that better things could come together. Sometimes what we let go of is nothing to what we are going to get..we need our hand empty to grab it.

  3. Looks like you found a gem of a place. This blog brought tears to my eyes. You will remember this special vacation for years!

  4. God is showing Himself to be absolutely amazing once again. I was in tears. He will SO take care of you!

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