Solve the Party Gift Dilemma with Give My Day

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Emily’s 8th birthday is just around the corner! Every morning she wakes up and asks how many more days until she turns 8. Her favorite part of anticipating her birthday is planning her party. For the first time, she has very specific ideas about what she wants at her party.

But, there is one thing I dread about having a birthday party- a bunch of presents. As a large family living in close quarters, we just don’t have the space for a lot of new toys. Plus, since Emily is the youngest of 4 girls, she so many toys already!

In fact, she’s so content with what she already owns, that when asked what she wants for her birthday, she just shrugs her shoulders and says, “I don’t know.”

Last week I learned about a platform that not only solves our birthday present dilemma, it also gives Emily a chance to change the world with her birthday!

Give My Day is a platform that allows kids to give their day by asking friends and family to donate to a cause they care about in place of giving gifts. Emily is going to pledge her birthday, but your child can pledge any day- birthday, mitzvah, graduation, or holiday. 

What a great way to teach kids about giving back, while also ensuring that your house doesn’t get overrun with toys! 

Simply talk to your child about what charity he or she would like to raise money for, then take a few minutes to create a personalized fundraising page and share the web address on a party invitation. 

Your party guests will also love Give My Day- no stressing about what gift to buy and their donation will be tax-deductible. Win win for everyone!

Give your child the power to change the world with Give My Day.

Emily sure is excited about using her birthday to change the world!

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