12 Days of Christmas Family Activities

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We’ve all heard of the 12 Days of Christmas before, but instead of getting a partridge in a pear tree, what if we did something more family-oriented instead?

If you are looking for a fun way to countdown until Christmas, here are the 12 days of Christmas family activities!

Day 1: Pick out a Christmas tree

Go out with your family and pick out the perfect Christmas tree! If you have an artificial tree, it can still be fun to head out to a Christmas tree farm and look at all the trees.

Day 2: Take family photos with Santa

If you are looking for the perfect way to remember the holiday season, what better way than by taking a picture with Santa!

Day 3: Watch your favorite Christmas movies

Spend the day watching everyone’s favorite Christmas movies! You can even have each person choose a movie to watch.

Day 4: Create a gingerbread house village

You can find premade kits at Target or any craft store, or you can make your own gingerbread house ingredients by hand if you have more time.

Day 5: Donate unloved toys to those in need

We all have things from last Christmas that are currently collecting dust. Instead of letting them pile up, gather your unloved toys or items and donate them to a family in need.

Day 6: Write a letter to Santa

You can find some pretty cool letter templates online and use them to let your kids write letters to Santa! If you’re feeling extra creative, consider making one for him to send back in return!

Day 7: Decorate your house with Christmas decorations

Making a few homemade Christmas decorations can be the perfect way to deck the halls! Make a new ornament for the tree, or a fun new craft to hang somewhere in the house.

Day 8: Take a drive and look at Christmas lights

Drive around your city and look at all the fun Christmas light displays! You may even be able to find a special tree lighting to attend if you go early enough.

Day 9: Go Christmas shopping as a family

Do you need to buy gifts for cousins or aunts? Why not take your kids out and do it together! This can be a fun bonding experience that allows you to get some Christmas shopping done too!

Need to stay home this year?
Shop online together instead while eating Christmas cookies, or make homemade Christmas gifts together.

This day could also be switched to present wrapping day. Spend an hour together wrapping gifts for extended family members and friends.

Day 10: Read Christmas stories

Head to your local library and find a few fun Christmas stories to read! You can sometimes find free ebooks on Amazon during this time of year too!

Day 11: Bake cookies for Santa

If you are looking to get your kids in the kitchen, this is the perfect way to do it! Gather your kids together and have them help bake and decorate cookies for Santa!

Day 12: Sing Christmas carols

When was the last time you went caroling? Go door to door and bless the people around you with a fun Christmas song.

This 12 days of Christmas countdown will be a hit with your family and your kids! You may even find that this becomes a new Christmas tradition they look forward to each year.

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  1. Love to create. Make a tree with twelve days of Christmas. Start at top and a Partridge in a pear tree, down below that block center two turtle dove and three French hens. The third row is the next three and next row is the 4 next days. For the trunk is day 11 stacked with day 12. Put lights around it and Christmas balls between the blocks according to the tree size you choose. Fun for the family. Can be put up every year. Can to do year after year choosing one a year and as the children get older, it can be completed on how many you chooose each year. It could be costly if dune in one year. Another way is to ,have the kids draw the best French hen and each one.

    1. I think each family celebrates differently. While the traditional 12 days of Christmas are through Epiphany, many families choose to use the 12 days before Christmas. Whatever works for your family!

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