How to Give your Kids an 1980s Summer

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Recently my cousin and I were reminiscing about the summers of our childhood- spending hours outside playing hopscotch on the sidewalk at my grandmother’s house, eating juicy watermelon on the back porch, playing hide and go seek for hours on end.

We didn’t have phones, internet, or handheld video games to keep us glued to screens all summer long. Our days weren’t scheduled- we had to figure out how to entertain ourselves on the long, hot days of summer.

It was a great way to grow up! So, this summer I’m giving my kids a throwback 1980s summer. I made a list of all the best summer activities we enjoyed in the 1980s and also made a playlist to go along with it.

1980’s summer, here we come!

How to give your kids a 1980’s summer

Don’t schedule everything. Give your kids this list of fun activities and then let them figure out what they want to do.

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Bored kids become creative kids. The best 1980s summer experience you can give your kids, is allowing them to be bored in order to get creative!

Turn off the electronics. Block off at least several screen free hours of each day when kids can get outside or get creative.

Send them outside. Yes, its hot but it is summer! Send the kids outside to play until the street lights turn on.

Spend the day in bathing suits. Blow up the kiddie pool, set out the slip n’ slide, turn on the sprinkler, and fill up water balloons. Serve a lunch of bologna and cheese sandwiches with Koolaid outside while still dripping wet. Bring out the popsicles for a late afternoon cool down.

Get a big box of chalk and fill the driveway with art. Use the chalk to make a hopscotch board.

Blow monster bubbles.

Ride bicycles around the neighborhood. Learn to roller-skate. Go to the playground.

Turn on the music. 1980s music was the best! Make a playlist of 1980s songs and send to the boombox.

When you must come inside cool down and spend some family time together with board games.

Get out the coloring books (remember Lisa Frank??) and colored pencils.

Fill out the form below to download a free printable 1980s summer bucket list for your kids, you’ll also get a 1980s playlist!

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