5 Fun Christmas Eve Traditions Your Family Will Love

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Christmas Eve may be one of the most exciting nights of the year for your kids. In addition to the anticipation and magic that surrounds the evening, you can make the night even more special by incorporating some fun traditions your family can look forward to ear after year. Your family will love these five fun Christmas Eve traditions.

Pajama Elves

Christmas Eve is the perfect time to gift some fun new holiday pajamas for the entire family. Make the Christmas Eve gift giving even more fun by incorporating a magical element to the tradition. Tell your children that Santa’s elves delivered the pajamas especially for them, then read The Pajama Elves by Haden Edwards together before going to bed.

Track Santa

Help build the anticipation of Santa’s arrival by using the NORAD Santa Tracker, which tracks the big guy on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This fun site allows families to track Santa as he travels across the world delivering gifts throughout the night. Volunteers are even available to answer calls and emails to keep your kids up to date on Santa’s anticipated arrival time.

Slumber Party

Let your kids have a slumber party in the same bedroom on Christmas Eve. Not only will your kids bond over the excitement of Christmas morning, but they’ll have a blast listening for Santa’s reindeer on the rooftop. And you can be sure all the kids are in one place while you finish any last-minute gift wrapping!

Decorate Cookies

Bring your family together in the kitchen this Christmas Eve by baking and decorating cookies for Santa. Baking is a great way to spend a day together as a family on Christmas Eve. Your kids will have fun adding icing and sprinkles to each cookie. And they can take pride in knowing that Santa is eating something they made especially for him on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Caroling

Spread your family’s Christmas cheer around the neighborhood by taking to the streets and caroling for your neighbors. Bundle up in warm hats and scarves, grab a thermos of hot chocolate and sing your way through the neighborhood. And if it’s too cold outside, head to your local nursing home or children’s hospital to sing your favorite Christmas songs. In addition to spreading some Christmas cheer, you’ll also work to tire out your kids so they’re sure to fall asleep right when you get home.


Add one or all of these fun new Christmas Eve activities to your family’s traditions this year!

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