5 Ways to Sneak ‘Me Time’ in the Midst of Mothering

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Motherhood is a rewarding but exhausting job. Especially during the years of mothering little ones, that job is all-consuming. Every Mom needs some time to recharge and get a little space from mothering. But during certain stages of motherhood, finding that recharge time is difficult.

I know there is very little ‘me’ time happening in my life, while I have very young children. I’ve found sneaking in a little breather throughout the day works to recharge my batteries while I’m in a stage of life that keeps me so busy.

Smartphones often get a bad wrap for stealing attention and minutes of the day. But, I think every Mom needs some time daily when she isn’t focused completely on her kids – and I know my smart phone is an easy & enjoyable way to catch a breather.

Walmart Family Mobile
Actually, Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan gives me several opportunities to sneak in a few minutes of ‘me’ time here and there. The new PLUS plan includes Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data with up to 10GB of 4G LTE data PLUS a free movie on VUDU ($7 value) every month per line for $49.88.

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to  http://cbi.as/28aqc or your local Walmart for current pricing.5 Ways to Sneak in Me Time in the Midst of Mothering

5 Ways Walmart Family Mobile’s PLUS plan helps Mom sneak in much needed me time.

Read a book or magazine

I love to read, but often when I find a free moment, my current book or magazine isn’t nearby. With my phone and an eReader app I can read anywhere and anytime I get a few minutes- whether it’s while standing over the stove waiting for the noodle water to boil, or sitting in a waiting room at a child’s appointment. Many of my favorite magazines have online versions to enjoy also.

Connect with friends and the outside world via social mediaMe Time on Social Media with Walmart Family Mobile

The best way to feel like more than a Mom is spending a few stolen minutes on social media. Mothering littles can mean a lot of waiting, in those little moments while I wait for my toddler to choose a book, or for my preschooler to go potty I can enjoy a conversation with my friends.

Play a gameWalmart Family Mobile Me Time

One of my favorite ways to veg out is playing games on my phone. My Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime ($99.00 on Rollback from $149.00), with its large screen is great for playing games! In 5 minutes or less I can beat a level of my current game obsession!

Watch a movieWalmart Family Mobile PLUS plan I get to stream one free movie on VUDU each month

When we all need a break, the toddler’s nap time is movie time. The big kids choose a DVD and get comfortable, while I get cozy in my bed with my laptop or tablet to stream my own movie. With Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan I get to stream one free movie on VUDU each month (new release rental, $7 value).

A good movie is like a whole day away! Getting lost in the story lets me forget everything else completely for an hour or more.

Give the kids a turn2016-01-29_0004

My kids know that my phone is generally off-limits, so when I really need a break I know just the thing to do. Letting the kids take turns using my unlimited data to occupy them is a sure-fire way to get to drink my coffee in peace. Since we live way out in the country our home internet is satellite and very limited, my kids rarely get to play games online on our home computer. It’s a very special treat to get 15 minutes of playing games on Mommy’s phone. And it’s a very special treat for Mommy to have that 15 minute break too!

Go check out Walmart Family Mobile Plus plan here and learn more about how the PLUS plan can work for you.
Walmart Family Mobile

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  1. I definitely read quite a bit to get “me” time and my husband and I have our sleepy tea once the kids go to bed. I’ve often handed my phone over for MOMMY playdate time too …. I am friends with many of my fellow teakwood moms and my little needs to stay busy so I can visit!

  2. My kid is older is I have a few more opportunities for “me time” but I do remember those days! I would often slip away and read a few pages of my book before heading back into the job of mom.

  3. My toddler recently discovered Instagram. When I need a few minutes to sit down I pull it up and she gets to point out all the animals for me. It’s a nice time together

  4. I could definitely use some me time that doesn’t involve hiding in the bathroom. Even then, though, at least I have my phone. I love Walmart Family Mobile. We’ve been with them for awhile now and it’s always been great service. Even in the bathroom.

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