A Dog’s Promise – A Heartwarming Tale of Unwavering Devotion

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Our rescue dog, Amity, is my constant sidekick in keeping up with my crew. At the lake, she is an unwavering lifeguard. You can almost see her counting heads out in the water, making sure all her people are safe out there. On the farm, I often watch as she tries to herd her children. She’s always happiest when all of her humans are in the same place. 

Bruce Cameron’s brand new book A Dog’s Promise continues the story he started in the first two books in the bestselling A Dog’s Purpose series. Bailey, an angel dog, continues to come back to a fractured family time and time again in order to bring them comfort, joy, and laughter while helping them get through their lives’ biggest obstacles. In this book, Bailey is joined by a second angel dog, Lacey, and together they show ‘their people’ the incredible power of hope and unending devotion. 

Since I have a rescue dog, who has turned out to be such a blessing to my family, I loved how Bailey was rescued several times by Hope Animal Rescue and a loving girl, Ava, before he made his way back to his boy. 

Humans may train their pets, but our dogs teach us more than we teach them. Amity came to us during a really hard time in our family. When we questioned love and life, she showed us unwavering devotion and unconditional love. As we slowly worked through our heart break, she was there to remind us of the true power of love. 

After reading this book from cover to cover in just two days, I can’t wait to get Cameron’s “Puppy Tales” children’s series for my kids. I just know that they will love the heartwarming stories as much as I loved this novel.

Be sure to check out the brand new novel, A Dog’s Promise today!


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