Airplane Activities for Teens

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Planning a vacation with airplane travel and wondering what activities will keep your teen busy on the plane?

While most of our teens may be occupied for quite awhile with their cell phone, they are most likely going to be without wi-fi, so its nice to have other options of things to do for a teen when on an airplane!

Looking for what to bring on a plane for a teenager to keep busy during the flight? This post will help!

If your teen will be using a device such as a phone or table to watch movies, listen to music, podcasts, or audio books be sure to remind them to download their media before their flight! Many teens are so used to constant internet access that they forget their music and movie streaming might not work on an airplane!

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**If your teen is planning on using devices to entertain themselves on the plane, don’t forget to pack a portable charger and cord for the devices!

While we are talking about packing for a flight. Be sure to read this post about how to help your teen pack her carry-on for air travel. You’ll also want to read about how all the essentials she’ll want to pack in her personal item for her flight.

If you are looking for what to do on a plane for a teenager, this list of plane activities for teens is a great place to start!

Plane Activities for Teens

Read a Book

Airplane time (and airport time) are great for reading a good book. Your teen might want to get a book loaded on her device, or maybe like my kids she’d prefer a real book. Listening to a book on Audible is another great way to read a book on the airplane to pass the time.

Listen to a Podcast

Teens can put those headphones in and binge a great podcast while flying. Some great ones that teens (and adults) can enjoy are The Moth, This American Life, and Welcome to Night Vale.

Play Cards

Pack a deck of cards and play a round of solitaire or pyramid. If your teen is traveling with friends or family they can play a card game with the person traveling beside them. A deck of cards is also a great way to pass time when waiting at the gate in the airport.

If your teen doesn’t want to deal with a deck of cards, she can download card game apps to her device.

Read a Travel Guide Book

Planning and getting excited about travel is one of the best parts of a trip! Get your teen a travel guide book, and/or travel brochures of the location she’s traveling to. She can spend her time in the air learning about and getting excited about her destination.

Watch a Movie or Show

Airplane time is a great time to binge a great new show, or to watch a movie. Download something new and exciting to your teen’s device to pass the time in the air.

*Don’t forget to pack headphones or ear buds, and a portable charger!

Many planes also have in flight entertainment, so your teen may be able to watch a movie on the in flight system.

Play a Game

Teens can download a new game or two on their devices to help pass the time on a flight.

Or, take a pad of paper and play games such as hang man, tic tac toe, or dots & boxes.

20 questions is another fun game, if your teen is traveling with a companion to play with.


Airplane travel is a great time to do some writing, whether with a pen and paper, or on a device. Encourage teens to spend time journaling, writing letters, or making up a creative story.

Listen to Music

Have your teen make a new fun playlist for the airplane ride to enjoy as she flies.

Color or Doodle

An adult coloring book and a new pack of colored pens or pencils can keep many teens busy for quite awhile! Your teen could also doodle on drawing paper or on a device. My daughter loves an app called ProCreate for her doodles and art work.

Learn Magic Tricks

Being stuck in a chair for a few hours is a great time to learn some simple magic tricks. Get a deck of cards and book of card tricks.

Do some Skin Care

Flight time is a great time to do some fun skin care.

Pack a little toiletry bag with travel size facial spray, eye patches, sheet face masks, yummy lotion, and good lip moisturizer.

Read Magazines

If your teen has a stack of unread magazines, stick them in a backpack for her flight. Magazines have the added benefit of leaving once finished, so there will be more room for souvenirs on the way home!


Teens love to sleep! Might as well sleep through a flight, right!?

If your teen loves to sleep, invest in a great travel pillow and consider packing a light blanket for a great experience. Some teens might also love a fun eye mask for in-flight napping.

These earbuds sewn into a comfortable headband are perfect for listening to a playlist while falling asleep.

Guys might prefer this style with the earbuds sewn into a beanie rather than a head band.

Do a Craft

Pick a small craft to enjoy while flying, maybe even try something brand new!
Bring some embroidery floss and make friendship bracelets.
Pack a small craft kit to enjoy while flying. This embroidery project could be fun!

Activity book

Pack an activity book to enjoy on the airplane. You could do word puzzles, mazes, sudoko, crosswords, or brain teasers.

Do Origami

Take a stack of Origami papers, or buy a small origami kit and teach yourself to fold while passing time on the airplane.


During the school year, plane time is a great time to get some school work or studying done- especially on the way back home from your trip.

Edit Photos

If your teen loves taking photos, download a photo editing software app and spend time getting those vacation photos edited and ready to share when you land!

Have a Conversation

Much like car travel time, air time is a great time to have a conversation with teens who are usually too busy to talk to mom. If you are traveling with your teen, use this time to have some conversation! You can ask each other silly questions or talk about deep things. Either way, you and your teen can create some great memories and get to know each other better during the undivided time on the airplane.

Now that you’ve thought of all the fun things your teen will enjoy on a plane, be sure to check out this list of must pack items for your teen’s personal item.

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