10 Amazing Hacks for Camping with Kids

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Camping is a great way to spend time with your family while enjoying the outdoors. But going on a camping trip with kids can be difficult without a little bit of planning. Make sure you’re prepared for your next family camping trip with these 10 amazing hacks for camping with kids.

Wash Station

Your kids are going to get dirty while camping – there’s no way around that. But you can keep your campsite clean by designating a washing station at the edge of the site. Bring a plastic bin or tub to the campsite and fill it with water so your kids can easily rinse off their hands and feet before they get in the tent. And don’t forget to place a towel nearby so they can easily dry off, too.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are the easiest way to keep clean while camping, so be sure to have plenty of wipes on hand. They’re perfect for cleaning up before and after meals and staying clean when showers aren’t an option.

Glow Sticks

Help your kids stay safe at the campsite at night with glow sticks. Use them to light their way as they walk or place a bracelet around their wrist to help you keep track of them at the campsite.

Shoe Organizer

A hanging shoe organizer is the easiest way to keep your camping must-haves organized and within easy reach. Just hang the shoe organizer in an accessible place, then store your towels, wipes, matches, utensils, bug spray, and sunscreen inside.

Frozen Water

Keep your drinks cold without having to lug bags of ice to the campsite by freezing jugs or bottles of water before you leave. Place the frozen water in your cooler to keep the rest of the drinks cold, then drink those bottles after they melt.

Chip Fire Starters

If you need a quick and easy fire starter, use some greasy chips like Fritos or Doritos to quickly get your campfire started.

Pack Duct Tape

Duct tape can be used in so many ways at a campsite, making it a must-have item for your family. From a make-shift bandage to quick tent repair, duct tape can solve a ton of camping problems quickly and easily.


Pack some sage with your spices to keep the bugs away. Simply throw a few sage leaves in the campfire to keep mosquitos at bay all night long.

Foam Tiles

Instantly make your tent baby friendly by placing a set of foam tiles in the floor. It’s perfect for crawling on and much softer than the hard ground beneath the tent.

Zip-Top Bags

Another life-saver at a family campsite are zip top bags. They’re perfect for protecting everything from toilet paper to matches from getting wet and keeping all your camping supplies organized at the campsite.

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