How to Deal with Diarrhea in Children while Traveling

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My family adores adventure and travel, but with 6 kids I know that sickness can strike at anytime. Having a sick child (or children) is awful, but sickness hitting while traveling is the worst!

Over the years I’ve learned to always pack a first aid kit filled with supplies for both injury and illness when we travel. While I’ve had many go to products for most childhood problems, I’ve never had an answer for helping my children get through diarrhea while traveling. Of course, when diarrhea strikes, I do my best to keep my child hydrated, but beyond that I had no way to ease the problem.

How to Deal with Diarrhea in Children while Traveling

Many of my children have very sensitive digestive tracts, which means that diarrhea (and other stomach issues) often strike while we are traveling with an out of sync routine and also eating different things than usual.

Nothing is more frustrating on vacation than being stuck in the hotel due to stomach issues! But, now that I’ve found DiaResQ® and added it to my travel first ad kit, I no longer worry about diarrhea keeping my family from vacation fun.

While traveling we are often introduced to new microorganisms which can cause digestive tract issues. Diarrhea is the body’s natural immune response to try and remove an invading microorganism, and some products work by slowing that response (and trapping that organism in your body). DiaResQ is different – it works with your body to address the underlying issue fast. With DiaResQ in your travel kit you’ll be able to safely soothe tummies and deal with diarrhea quickly so your vacation won’t be ruined!

What is DiaResQ?

DiaResQ is a first of its kind product that relieves diarrhea quickly and naturally! You can feel good about giving your child DiaResQ, a food made from safe, naturally-derived ingredients. DiaResQ has been clinically demonstrated to resolve most cases of diarrhea on day 1 of use.

Simply open a packet of DiaResQ, mix with water, shake, and drink. This vanilla flavored powder is easy for kids to take and helps relive diarrhea fast!

Since DiaResQ is safe for adults and children as young as one year of age, keeping several packets of it in your travel bag means you can safely relive diarrhea for all the kids and adults in your family!

DiaResQ is available at CVS and Amazon. Be sure to buy some before your next family vacation- I know I’ll never travel without it again!

Visit Diaresq to learn more and keep your child happy and healthy!

*DiaResQ is not intended for the relief of chronic diarrhea, nor for infants (children aged 12 months or less)

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