Easy DIY Travel Laundry Bag

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When traveling with children, you are guaranteed to come home with a huge pile of laundry. The worst thing after traveling is to find suitcases full of clean and dirty clothes all mixed up together. Laundry for a family after travel is a huge job. The last thing you need is to add questionably clean clothes to that laundry pile! Two things that save my sanity after traveling: keeping dirty clothes separate from clean clothes and Member’s Mark® Ultimate Clean Fresh Clean Detergent from Sam’s Club which removes stains the first time!

Traveling as the single mom of 6 children has taught me a lot about traveling with children. After several vacations which involved loading and unloading the car for my large family all by myself, I switched to individual suitcases for each of my children. Each child is responsible for getting his or her suitcase to and from the car independently and Mom has much less to carry alone!
The biggest problem with individual suitcases came when I found dirty and clean clothes all jumbled together in each one when we returned home. Trying to separate the clean from dirty was impossible and I ended up with a lot more laundry.

Small, individual dirty laundry bags for each child’s suitcase are the perfect solution to the problem of dirty and clean clothes mixing. Pillowcases make perfectly sized individual dirty laundry bags for kids. Not only are they easy to make, but they can also be thrown right into the laundry with the dirty clothes before being folded back into empty suitcases for the next adventure.

Easy DIY Travel Laundry Bag


  • pillowcase
  • cord or ribbon
  • seam ripper
  • large safety (or diaper) pin


At the opening of the pillowcase, fold the edge back to reveal the side seam. Using a seam ripper, remove the seam from 1/2 an inch of the side.

Cut a length of cord or ribbon double the width of the pillowcase, plus 8 inches.

Attach the cord or ribbon to the safety-pin. Thread the cord through the opening, between the layers of the pillowcase.

Remove the safety-pin and tie a knot at the end of the cord or ribbon. (You can burn the ends of the cord or ribbon to keep it from fraying.)

Place the dirty laundry bag in your child’s suitcase and you are ready for your next vacation!

After vacation simply dump the bag of dirty clothes along with the laundry bag into the washer with Member’s Mark® Ultimate Clean Fresh Clean Detergent. Recently upgraded for even more stain fighting and whitening/brightening power Member’s Mark detergent provides superior cleaning performance at a great value!

Head to Sam’s Club or samsclub.com to purchase this great stain fighting detergent! Check out the Sam’s Club Instant Savings Booklet where you’ll find $2 off your purchase of Member’s Mark detergent between now and 1/28/18.


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    1. I have to admit that I don’t sort clothing at all! I wash linens separate from clothing, but all our clothes get dumped in together and washed with cold water.

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