Baby Jesus Christmas Craft

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This sweet Baby Jesus Christmas craft is a great Nativity craft idea for younger kids.

For this sweet little Baby Jesus in the Manger craft you’ll create a straw manger for baby Jesus using forks and paint. It’s such an easy and fun painting technique for little kids.

How to make this Simple and Sweet Baby Jesus Craft


  • Template printed on white paper or cardstock
  • Paints in blue, yellow, brown and skin color
  • Paint brush
  • Black marker
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • 2 plastic forks
  • Template


First print out the template on white cardstock. 

Next, paint the circle the skin color and the long oval blue. This will become the baby Jesus. 

Alternately you can use the printed pdf as a template and cut the face and body of baby Jesus out of colored construction paper.

Next pour the brown and yellow paint onto a pallet (we simply use a paper plate for easy clean up). 

Then dip the underside of the fork prongs into the brown paint. 

Starting in the center of the white cardstock, drag the fork from the middle outwards.

*tip: Drag the fork lightly to create longer lines. 

Continue going from the center of the paper outwards until the whole page is covered in brown fork lines. 

Now repeat with the yellow. You don’t have to wait for the brown paint to dry. The combined colors create a nice straw-like appearance. 

Next cut the painted circle and oval from the template.

Glue the head to the body and draw on a face. You can use google eyes if you’d prefer. 

Glue the Baby Jesus to the manger and the baby Jesus craft is complete!

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