Bible Journaling for Kids: What you Need to Know to Get Started

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The concept of journaling isn’t exactly a new concept. There are so many different kinds of journals out there ranging from bullet journals to prayer journals.

I have been bible journaling for a few years now, and as soon as I started, I fell in love! It’s the perfect way to mix creativity with Bible study! Bible journaling allows me time to spend with God, so why not share that with your children?

Bible journaling will allow your children to become more hands-on with their Bibles, and express their creativity.

Here is what you need to know to get started Bible journaling with kids.

Get your kids excited

Bible journaling can be an exciting time, but it’s only based on how exciting you make it. Talk with your kids about how to use their Bible journals, and even set a specific day on the calendar to work in them. This will not only get your kids excited about Bible journaling, but give them something to look forward to.

Get some kid friendly supplies

To get your children started with Bible journaling, they are going to need some supplies. If they don’t have their own Bible or journal, start by getting them one. It can be fun to allow them to pick out their own copy, and it will feel more personal. Next, they will need supplies to help bring their Bible journal to life. You can use paint, stickers, printables, or other supplies for your children, or just stick with the basics such as colored pencils and crayons.

Help them come up with ideas

Journaling can seem pretty overwhelming, especially for kids. In the beginning, they may not have many ideas for what to do or where to start. Have them start with easy exercises to ease into Bible journaling. Here are some good ideas:

  • Prayer requests
  • Devotions
  • Scriptures to memorize
  • Notes (from sermon or stories)

Work in your Bible journals together

Kids will learn by example, so what better way to teach them how to use their Bible journal than by doing it together! This can be a great way to spend time together as a family on Sundays or whenever you want! Create a small caddy with your journaling supplies, and bring it to the table when you’re ready. If you have little ones getting involved, it might be best to have seperate bins or caddies based on age.

Allow them to be creative

One of the benefits of Bible journaling is the ability to be creative! While you may be tempted to tell them what to do or where to draw, consider letting them be creative. How they choose to use their Bible journal should be up to them. You can of course set restrictions such as only using the margins or request that they still allow the words in the Bible to be readable, but try to give them as much freedom as you can.

Bible journaling can be a fun way to spend time with your kids and help them feel closer to God. Whether you plan to use this as part of your child’s Sunday school or to study the Bible as a family, there are so many ways Bible journaling can benefit everyone.

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