DIY Bible Journaling Organizer

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I like to keep my Bible Journaling supplies separate from all the other pens and art supplies in the house.
When I keep my supplies separate, I’m less likely to grab the wrong kind of pen to write in my Bible (because smearing and bleeding make me sad!) Also, it a separate location for my supplies keeps my children from ‘borrowing’ (and then losing or ruining those supplies). You’ve probably seen my Bible Journaling organizer, which is a picnic utensil holder I picked up on clearance to organize art supplies long ago.Easy DIY Bible Journaling organizer perfect for thrift store or yard sale find!

My oldest daughter, started Bible Journaling this year too. She tried various methods of keeping her supplies together and away from younger siblings but nothing worked very well. While pencil cases, boxes, and bags are easy to store away from younger siblings, it’s hard to see art supplies in those organizers. My utensil organizer worked much better than anything she tried, so when I found an old wicker picnic organizer covered in dust at the back of my grandmother’s pantry Miriam asked to use it for her Journaling Bible and supplies.DIY Bible Journal Organizer

She used pliers to remove the handles of the basket, since they were in poor shape. Then she covered the basket in a few coats of leftover spray paint from another project.Easy DIY Bible Journaling organizer perfect for thrift store or yard sale find! DIY Bible Journal OrganizerNow she has a Bible Journaling organizer that is matches her decor, allows her to see and access all her supplies AND keeps her stuff away from the curious hands of younger siblings!DIY Bible Journal OrganizerBible Journaling has been such a blessing for my preteen. After a rough two years, Bible Journaling has been a wonderful outlet for it all.

Miriam and I plan to share more about her Bible Journaling in future posts. Until then, if you are new to Bible Journaling, or your preteen or teen would like to get started check out this post:Bible Journaling for the beginner. 8 simple ways to get started today! Aren't artistic- there are great ways to use your journaling Bible anyway!

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