Carrying on the tradition of Star Wars

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I remember, as a girl, how much I loved to watch Star Wars with my Dad. This year, the tradition continued as my Dad introduced Star Wars to my son. If you are following our family situation, you can probably imagine how extra glad I am that Michael has my Dad for creating similar traditions and memories. Carrying on the Star Wars Tradition with Limited Edition Cereal

When I told Michael that he got to be one of the first people to eat a new Limited Edition Cereal from Star Wars he immediately wanted to share the experience with his Grandfather. (Want to try it for yourself? Here is a coupon for $1 off!)Brand New Limited Edition Star Wars Cereal

I love watching these two talking about which Star Wars movie they’ll watch next and discussing the best characters. I find it interesting that Michael often roots for the dark side. I think growing up with Anakin as a ‘good guy’ gives him a soft spot for the dark side.

What side are you on? Star Wars Cereal

What side are you on?

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  1. I’m on your son’s side he seems very caring and thoughtful. I’m glad that they are building a great memory around a movie and characters that will be around for many generations.

  2. Such cutes photos! I am a Yoda fan although there’s something about Vader….
    I will look for this in the market. I love a good cereal.

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