DIY Quilled Heart Hot Air Balloon Valentine’s Day Card

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Homemade Valentine’s Day cards are my favorite. This DIY Quilled Heart Hot Air Balloon card is a perfect choice for this Valentine’s Day!

While the design looks very detailed, paper quilling isn’t difficult at all! Your tweens and teens will love making this paper quilled card.

DIY Quilled Heart Hot Air Balloon Valentine’s Day Card


  • Colored cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Slotted quilling tool


Select cardstock papers for the heart, clouds and the air balloon basket. Trace the template patterns on the selected papers and cut them out using scissors.

Use x-acto knife to cut strips from the selected cardstock papers from step 1. Keep the width about 1/4th of an inch for all colors, but the length will vary. Cut out 3 inch strips for the clouds and 18 inch long strips for the basket. For the heart cut out 2 strips of 10 inch length.

Prepare loose coils using the white strips (for the clouds). Glue the white loose coils on the cloud cut out.

Try to fill the clouds with the loose coils as nicely as you can.

For the basket part you will need to prepare 4 teardrop quilled shapes.

Simply glue the 4 quilled teardrop shapes on the basket cut out, keeping the pointy side of all 4 shapes on adjacent to each other, on the top middle point of the basket.

Prepare 2 big teardrop quilled shapes for the heart cut out.

Glue the 2 big quilled teardrop shapes on the heart cut out.

Prepare the card from a cardstock paper and grab all the quilled items from the previous steps.

Attach the quilled items on the front side of the card. Glue the quilled heart right on the top side of the quilled basket, keeping about 2 cm gap between both items.

Use a black marker to draw strings between the heart air balloon and the basket to attach them.

Aren’t these DIY Quilled Heart Hot Air Balloon Valentine’s Day Cards adorable?

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