DIY Quilled Nativity Scene

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Filling my home with nativity scenes is my favorite way to decorate for Christmas. I love how it keeps the focus of Christmas on the real reason we celebrate- the birth of Jesus!

This DIY Quilled Nativity Scene makes adorable decor, and is a perfect Nativity Christmas craft for your family! Simply place the finished craft in a frame (without the glass) and display it in your home. 

Wouldn’t it be an awesome Christmas present for grandparents too?

DIY Quilled Nativity Scene


  • Thick paper – heavy stationary paper or cardstock works well.
  • Quilling strips – colors of your choice
  • Slotted quilling tool
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue or glue stick

For this craft we need to make 3 kinds of shapes – loose coil (both round and oval), lens shape and half moon shape. Make 9 loose coils using 6 inches brown strips for the roof. Make 5 lens shapes using 6 inches long red strips for the star. Use 6 inches off white strip (or any other color you prefer for the faces of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus) to create 2 loose coils of the same size and 1 loose coil of relatively smaller size. Make 2 loose coils from 10 inches long strips (clothes of Joseph and Mary) and 1 loose coil (Baby Jesus clothe) from 6 inches long strip. Last but not least, make a half moon shape from a 10 inches strip for the manger.

Prepare a piece of white stationary paper or cardstock for the art.

Glue the 9 loose coils prepared for the roof on the white paper and create the roof pattern.

Arrange the 5 lens shapes on the top end of the roof pattern to create the 5 point star.

Place and glue the half moon shape under the roof (near the ground of the scene), right below the star.

Glue the loose coils (Baby Jesus clothe and head) adjacent to the half moon shape to make Baby Jesus quilled art.

One by one glue the clothes and head shapes quilled for Mary and Joseph on 2 sides of the quilled manger (or baby Jesus).

Take 2 strips (6 inches long) and fold them into half. Place them over the heads of Mary and Joseph and glue them.

Add 3 strips on both sides and along the bottom side of the scene to complete the stable. 

Allow the glue to dry and you are done! Isn’t it the cutest thing?! I can’t wait to gift these this Christmas!

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