Adorable & Easy Nativity Craft for Christmas

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If you are looking for a Christ-Centered Christmas craft to make with your children this Christmas- this Nativity Heart Craft is a great choice!

Nativity crafts are my favorite, and I love how easy-yet adorable- this Nativity heart craft is!

How to Make this Easy Nativity Craft for Christmas


  • Template
  • Cardstock or colored craft paper in dark brown, brown, peach and light blue
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Markers: Black, brown, yellow
  • Google eyes (optional)


First print the template & cut out all the pattern pieces. 

Next, trace the heart on the brown paper.

Trace the hook shaped piece on light blue paper.

Trace the thin rectangle on dark brown paper.

Then, trace all three circles on the peach paper.

You can leave the white oval as is, just flip it over to conceal the black lines from the template. Or trace and cut out a white oval if you prefer.

Cut out all of the traced pieces.

*If you’d rather not trace and cut, you can color the template pieces instead.

Now glue the blue hooked piece to the right side of the brown heart. 

Then take the markers and draw faces on the three peach circles; one for Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Glue Jesus’s head to the white oval body.

You can also use google eyes if you wish. Or simply draw the eyes on the people.

Next glue the dark brown rectangle strip to the left side of the brown heart. 

Finally, glue on the two faces in the middle of the heart with the Baby Jesus under them as shown below. 

The heart nativity craft is complete! Isn’t it adorable?

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