DIY Avocado Felt Ornament

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This Avocado Felt Ornament is the perfect craft for Christmas, or anytime of the year!

Stitch a DIY Avocado Ornament and give it to the guacamole lover in your life for Christmas! Anyone who loves avocado toast or guacamole will love displaying this adorable avocado ornament on their tree this year!

This felt avocado is also super cute when sewn to a keyring or backpack clip.

Felt ornaments are such a great craft for kids, teens, and adults- be sure to check out all of our free felt ornament patterns here.

Have you ever seen anything cuter??

How to Make a Felt Avocado Ornament

List of Supplies:

  • Felt fabrics
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Cotton batting
  • Fabric marker or pencil
  • Template


Download and print out the avocado pattern. Cut out the pattern pieces.

Select light green and dark green felt fabrics for the avocado pieces.

Select pink felt for the cheeks and a color for the heart pieces.

Trace the template patterns on the chosen felt fabrics and cut them out nicely.

Take the small avocado base cutout and use a pen or pencil to draw the eyes and mouth on the avocado.

Prepare a needle with black thread and stitch along the drawn eyes and mouth using the black thread.

Stitch the cheek cutouts on either side of the avocado’s face.

Place the felt heart cutout below the avocado’s face.

Prepare a needle with a thread that matches the heart.

Stitch the heart cutout to the light green avocado piece.

After stitching the heart shape to the light green avocado piece, place the light green piece on a bigger dark green avocado base.

Prepare needle with light green thread, then stitch the light green avocado piece to the dark green avocado base.

Stitch all the way around the light green avocado piece to connect it to the dark green avocado base. 

Take the other dark green avocado base piece and under the avocado piece you’ve already been working on.

Prepare a needle with dark green thread.

Start stitching around the sides of the outsides of both dark green avocado pieces to begin closing the ornament. We used a flat blanket stitches for this part.

Keep a small opening for stuffing the felt avocado.

Use scrap felt pieces or cotton batting to stuff the avocado ornament.

Close the small opening after stuffing the ornament. Tie a knot or 2 to secure the stitching and then cut off extra thread.

Now, sew a ribbon loop to the back of the avocado to make an adorable ornament!

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