DIY St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Hat Pencil Holder Craft

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While celebrating St. Patrick’s Day create this easy and adorable Leprechaun Hat Pencil Holder. This quick and easy leprechaun craft is perfect for making a desk festive this St. Patrick’s Day. I think this St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun craft would make an adorable party centerpiece too!


  • Tissue paper roll
  • Yarn – green color
  • Scissors
  • White craft glue
  • Cardstock paper – black and green
  • Golden glitter sheet
  • Pencil

Grab an empty tissue paper roll and green colored yarn. Apply glue on the yarn and then stick the glued part of the yarn with the roll from the edge of the roll. Wrap the yarn around the roll; keep it nice and neat. You don’t need to apply glue on the yarn every time you wrap it, apply glue on the roll after wrapping every inch along the height of the roll.
Continue to wrap the yarn until the entire tissue paper roll is covered with yarn. Apply a good amount of glue when it reaches the end and cut off extra yarn. Press the open end of the yarn with the roll to make sure that it is glued firmly.
Print out the patterns given in the template and trace them on cardstock paper. Trace the round part on green cardstock, strip on black cardstock and the square frame on golden glitter sheet or yellow cardstock. Cut out the traced patterns using scissors.
Stick the frame cut out on the middle of the black strip.
Apply glue along the back side of the black strip and stick it around the yarn wrapped roll near any one open side.
Now apply glue around the bottom edge (near the black strip) of the tissue paper roll and place it on the green round cut out. Press the roll against the round green cut out against a plain surface to make sure that they are glued nicely.
And the pencil holder is ready!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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