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Easter Chick Craft

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This adorable Easter chick craft is a super cute and easy craft to make with kids! With spring finally here and Easter just around the corner, you just can’t go wrong with a spring chicken or Easter chick craft.

popsicle stick chick craft

Whether you are looking for a chicken craft, a farm animal craft, a spring craft, or even an Easter craft, this adorable craft stick chick is sure to be just the thing!

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If you are making Easter, Spring or Farm crafts you’ll want to make the matching Bunny and Lamb craft stick animals too! You simply can’t go wrong with craft stick crafts!

You’ll find all the supplies you need to create this spring chick craft at the Dollar Store, your local big box store, or even at Amazon. Grab your supplies, bring the free pattern template and create the most adorable baby chicken craft just in time for Spring!

craft stick chick craft

How to Make a Chick Craft



To create the Chick, line up six jumbo craft sticks on your work surface. Using scissors, trim additional jumbo craft sticks to the width of the Chick and attach the trimmed craft sticks to the lined up craft sticks with a glue gun and glue sticks.

TIP: You can use liquid craft glue for this project, but you will have to wait for it to dry.

Base coat the front and sides of the Chick with yellow craft paint. Set aside to dry and apply a second coat, if necessary.

Download and print the Chick Pattern, then cut out with scissors.

Trace the beak once onto orange craft felt.

Trace the head feather rectangle once onto orange craft felt.

Cut out all patterns with scissors making sure to cut inside the traced lines for a clean, finished project.

Fringe the length of the orange felt rectangle with scissors, but do not cut all the way through.

**You could also use colored cardstock or craft foam instead of felt for this project.

Attach two wiggle eyes to the Chick’s face with a glue gun and glue sticks.

Create cheeks by dipping a sponge dabber into pink craft paint and stamping on either side of the face.

Glue the Chick’s beak just under the eyes.

Draw two dots at the top center of the beak with a permanent marker.

Fold the Chick’s head feather into thirds and secure with a glue gun and glue sticks.

Flip the craft stick Chick over and attach the fringed feather to the top center of the back of the Chick’s head with a glue gun and glue sticks.

Enjoy your adorable baby chick craft! Don’t forget to make his matching bunny and lamb animal friends!

chick popsicle stick craft

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