Easy & Adorable Melted Snowman Paper Plate Craft

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Winter just will not go away this year! It’s cold outside, so my children are wishing for snow, while I hope the snow is finished for the year!

Since I feel a little guilty for wishing away their snow fun, I’m planning a snow themed day indoors where it is warm and cozy.

If it must remain cold I might as well embrace it with some fun snowman themed crafts and activities.

Melted snow is the best snow, right!? I surely think so and this Melted Snowman Paper Plate Craft is an adorable way to embrace my favorite type of snow… melted!

Plus, this adorable melted snowman paper plate craft is my favorite type of craft- quick and easy!


  • Paper plate
  • White felt
  • Small styrofoam ball
  • Black puffy paint
  • Orange craft foam
  • Small brown buttons
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun (optional)


Squirt a small amount of glue onto the plate.

Spread the glue out with your fingertip or a paint brush, and top with glitter. Shake any excess glitter off.

Cut a wavy oval out of the white felt about the size of the center of your plate. Glue the felt piece to the center of your glittered plate.

Glue a styrofoam ball onto the felt.

Cut a triangle from your orange foam and glue to the center of the styrofoam ball. Use the puffy paint to draw eyes and a mouth onto the styrofoam ball.

Cut a pipe cleaner into two 3” pieces and glue them onto the white felt along with three buttons.

Your melted snowman is all finished! Don’t forget to let him dry!

Here’s to indoor fun and no real snow… and a speedy spring!

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