Halloween at the Renaissance Festival

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Much of the NorthEastern states have cancellations and closings today due Hurricane Sandy…here in the SouthEast the weather is just windy and cold.  Still, as principal and teacher of Cornerstone Academy, I’m calling a delay this morning.  We desperately need a regroup and relax delay.  For the first part of the day we will sip homemade hot chocolate and eat warm pumpkin gingerbread muffins in front of the fire.  The kids will probably also watch a cartoon or two while I sneak in some time blogging, doing laundry and getting school planned for the week.  Then, around lunch time we will officially jump into the week.  Eeking out a few extra hours of the weekend and forcing Monday to come a bit later is an awesome perk of homeschooling!

Rounding out our weekend fun yesterday was visiting the Renaissance Festival for Halloween festivities.  On top of the normal activities at the Fest, there was also a treasure hunt and trick or treating–plus kids got in free!

I feel bad for complaining about Emily being a pill at church’s fall festival because she was a complete angel for this one.  Someone took away fussy Emily in the night and returned my funny, happy toddler for the day.  I sure hope it lasts, because I’ve missed her!  We arrived at the festival at 9:45 am and pulled back into our driveway after 6pm this evening; she did not cry or fuss one time all day.  She was quite happy to spend much of the day taking it all in from her perch on my back; every time we passed a musician I could feel her dancing back there.  I expected her to be hard to contain at the shows, but she loved watching, clapping, and shouting for the entertainers.

Watching the jousting matches ended up being a bit of a bust this time.  One of the knights had his face painted a lot like The Joker, and was really mean.  The kids just couldn’t get over him.  After the second joust, two of the kids were really upset that the mean knight stabbed our knight.  Though the kids knew it was pretend, the sight of ‘blood’ on their knight was too much.  I decided we better skip the “fight to the death” joust or I might be taking crying kids home instead of happy ones.  Instead we ended the day laughing and shouting for some amazing acrobats and we got in the car to more declarations of “this was the best day ever!!”Miriam surprised me by raising her had to volunteer at every show!  She was chosen by the jugglers to stand between their clubs as they threw them back and forth.Towards the end of the day I told the kids that they could each choose one ride or activity.  Peyton choose the butterfly swing and Miriam rode the jousting horse that she loved last year.Rebekah, not much for rides, asked if she could buy a Fairy Dust pouch instead of choosing a ride.  And after I agreed, Michael also asked for a souvenir instead of a ride.  We ended the day by playing with toys at the toy shop and watching our two favorite shows.It was a memory making weekend for sure.  I’ve never had a favorite month or season, but now October is officially my favorite month of the year.  We’ve had so much fun and still have all kinds of fun happening this week too!

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