To Do List a Mile and a Half Long

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There were not enough hours in the weekend and my to do list is still a mile long.  I’m trying to concentrate on all the things I did get done, but the “not dones” are overwhelming with Monday morning looming.  Sigh, such is often the case.

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If I employed a full-time maid, she could easily work her whole 8 hours a day in our kitchen and stay more than busy.  Just feeding this crew and keeping up with kitchen duties is a full-time job.  Add laundry and cleaning and other household chores to being a teacher, caregiver, accountant, wife, mother… I really don’t think there is a possible way to get it all done.

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The beginning of the school year is always overwhelming.  It takes time to figure out how to fit in everything that must be done.  It also seems that each year my standard of household “must be dones” is whittled down more as schooling, opportunities, and other commitments edge out the chores in order of importance.


Right now, I should be scanning in important documents; but I can’t get my scanner and computer to get along and I’m taking a sanity break to look through the week’s photos.  Nevermind that I haven’t even begun to plan the coming week’s school lessons!

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I’ve decided that for the next month we will complete one week of book work per two calendar weeks.  We have at least one field trip a week planned for the foreseeable future, plus playdates, extracurricular classes, vacations, and other adventures.  The weather is beautiful, and there are many educational opportunities outside of our ‘classroom’ that won’t be available in the colder months, plus we will have a newborn to consider then.  We can catchup on worksheets in the winter!

Go Bubba!

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