Halloween Party at Gramma’s House

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Here are the kids ready for Gramma’s Annual Halloween Party.  They had an amazing night of fun including Halloween themed games, food, and crafts.  So much fun.Rebekah went to the party as Doc McStuffins.  She even has a Big Book of Boo-Boos we made by covering a 6×8 sketch pad with purple foam and added a pink glittery heart sticker.  This is Rebekah’s planned Halloween costume and she loves it.  However, she’s worn a different costume to the 3 Halloween events we’ve attended and I overheard her making plans for an Izzy, from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, outfit.  For a girl who hates change, she sure does love variety.  She and Peyton wear costumes more often than real clothes at home, so they get plenty of use out of their costumes year-round.

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