Hocus Pocus Dessert Board

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This super fun Hocus Pocus Dessert Board is the perfect addition to your next Hocus Pocus movie night!

hocus pocus dessert board

Make a fun Hocus Pocus Dessert Charcuterie and enjoy snacking while watching the Halloween cult classic Hocus Pocus movie!

hocus pocus dessert board

Getting ready for snacking during a Hocus Pocus movie night is the best part of the evening! After creating your Hocus Pocus Dessert Tray, be sure to make some easy “witches brooms” and “witches hats” to serve alongside the dessert board.

Make the witches brooms by sticking a straight pretzel stick into a miniature Reeses Cup.

Make the witches hats by stacking an unwrapped Hershey’s Kiss on a chocolate cookie. You can use a small spot of icing to stick the pieces together. We used Fudge Stripe Cookies turned upside down, but Oreos or Oreo Thins work very well too.

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 hocus pocus dessert idea

You’ll also want to make this fun meat and cheese Hocus Pocus Charcuterie Board too for your movie night!

How to make a Hocus Pocus Dessert Board

First choose a serving plate or board for your dessert board. You’ll want a plate our platter at least 12 inches across.

Next, place three sugar cookies, frosted with white icing across the middle of the platter.

I used refrigerated Pillsbury Sugar Cookie dough for my cookies. To make the witches’ faces large enough, I recommend squishing two of the pre-portioned dough pieces together. For the sugar cookie icing I used a pre-made cookie icing from the baking section of the grocery store.

Next use black gel icing to draw eyes on the witches’ faces.

Then we’ll make the witches lips. You have lots of options here for the mouths- you can use more gel icing, or pieces of candy to create the mouths. Just remember to give Winifred a big pouty mouth.

I used Wiley Wallaby classic red licorice for Winifreds mouth. Simply cut a small piece off of a licorice stick for the same effect. You could also use a round red candy or piece of strawberry.

Then, I cut a piece of Sour Streamers for Sarah and Mary’s mouths.

Twizzlers, Airheads, or fruit leathers are other good options for these mouths.

Now, don’t forget to go back with the black gel icing and add Sarah’s mole above her mouth.

Now, we begin working on the witches’ hair. First, use licorice sticks to create Winifred’s two top knots. I cut each stick in half for my dessert tray.

Then, make Mary’s black top knot. I used Buncha Crunch for her hair. Other great options would be black licorice, hershey’s kisses, or slices of tootsie rolls.

Finally make Sarah’s long blond hair. I used lemon popcorn. Other good choices would be yellow M&Ms, gumballs, banana runts, lemon straws, or gummy bears.

Now, work on the witches’ dresses. The sky is the limit with these! You can try to stick to each witches’ color scheme, or get creative and give them any color you wish.

For Winifred, who is traditionally in green I chose green Dots and gummy worms.

For Mary who is traditionally orange and purple, we used candy orange slices.

For Sarah who is usually red and pink, we used Starburst and red Dots.

Now that the witches are finished, all you need to do is fill the holes in with other fun treats and candies!

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