How to Reset a Bad Mothering Day

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Ever have one of those days when you feel like the worst mom in the world? Likely the day started just like a normal one, yet somehow a negative attitude set in. Next thing you know you’re snapping at children for things that usually don’t bother you. You’re grumpy, you’re short, maybe you’re mean.
We all have those days.

Even when the day is going downhill, it is still hard to break the negative attitude and behaviors. How can Mom reset her own attitude on a rough day?

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5 Ways to Reset During a Bad Mothering Day

Call a Mommy time out. A 15 or 30 minute break is can make all the difference in resetting a bad mothering day. But, when you are solely in charge of little humans getting even a 2 minute break can seem impossible. These are the days when breaking the usual rules is needed. Turn on a cartoon or hand out electronics then walk away for a moment. Sit on the porch swing, sneak chocolate in the pantry, lay down and shut your eyes- whatever helps you most.

Mark things off the to do list. Maybe your long to do list is adding to the stress of the day. Give yourself permission to take a survival day. Mark anything not completely essential off the day’s to do list.

Choose easy. Make the day as simple as possible. Popcorn and fruit for lunch and cereal for dinner. Have a movie watching afternoon.

Do something out of the ordinary. Maybe a change of pace, an adventure, or some laughter are what you need to reset. Have a dance party in the kitchen, load everyone in the car for donuts, or go to the park.

Say I’m sorry. When the day goes south, apologize to your kids and to yourself. Bad days are going to happen. Don’t feel guilty about it. Remember that children need to know their Mom isn’t perfect. Give yourself grace.

The most important thing to remember when the day is a bust, is one bad day doesn’t make you a bad mother. Tomorrow is a new day with a fresh start!

How do you reset a bad mothering day?

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