Bravo Celebrates the Odd Mom Out Life

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Ever felt like the odd mom out? The one who didn’t fit in? We all have at one time or another.

Lately blog posts about ‘the Mommy Wars’ fill my Facebook feed. Whether it’s working Moms vs. stay-at-home Moms, breastfeeding vs. formula, early education vs ‘better late than early’ educators. It’s always one group saying, “We’ve got this figured out and everyone else is wrong.”

Motherhood is hard enough without all that drama!

I think Bravo agrees. On June 8th they’ll air a hilarious new show, Odd Mom Out, for the first time on Bravo. I got the chance to preview the first two episodes, and I laughed so much I kept disturbing the baby sleeping beside me!Odd Mom Out

I laughed out loud as Jill tries to navigate the Mommy Wars in the Upper East Side of New York where the most important thing is getting your child into the most elite kindergarten looking for kids who are future leaders while she’s just happy her kids are no longer licking the building blocks.


Check out the trailer, and mark your calendar for the June 8th premier! (But, don’t watch it with kids around- adult humor alert!) Better yet grab some girlfriends for a Mom’s night in to enjoy the show together! I love these recipes for fun Mommy drinks while watching and laughing with your girlfriends!

Mom-Ito With Odd Mom Out Mom-osa with Odd Mom Out

When have you been the odd mom out?Odd Mom Out

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