She Snips

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Emily says, “I need to snip, Mommy!” It’s her new favorite school time activity.

I love how it occupies her, but boy do we end up with a huge mess to clean up when school time is over!

She Snips

I keep waiting to find something important all “snipped” up.  We try to keep the scissors out of her reach, except during school or craft time.  However, I often find the art desk a mess after one of the bigger kids starts crafting and forgets to clean up.Snip Snip

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  1. My oldest daughter used to do the same thing–minute pieces of paper everywhere, but a big smile on her face the whole time she was cutting. Playdough time had similar results–tiny flecks of dough on every surface! Maddening for parents. but bliss for kids 🙂

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