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Panther Peyton

This girl just gets more adorable everyday.  I cannot believe she will be 5 in a month.  5 once seemed so big, but Peyton still seems so little.  I guess 10 years of parenting changes perspective.

calendar timeNo matter how many times we sing the days of the week song, every day past Tuesday is Saturday.  “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Sa-TUR-day!”

So we start over and I loudly sing the correct days of the week to help her out, but still Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are always, “Sa-TUR-day!”

I think maybe she’s got the right idea and we should just make those last four days of the week Saturday!Panther's Girl


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  1. Oh my goodness! Her Panthers outfit is so cute! They are my husband’s favorite football team and I know he can’t wait to dress our daughter in outfits like these 🙂

    1. We are huge Panther’s Fans here! That skirt was one of my first gathering projects and the seams don’t line up right at all. It keeps getting handed down; now on daughter number 3. Every time I fold it I have to laugh at the horrible sewing job! Thankfully the dark fabric hides the mistakes unless you look closely!

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